Saturday, May 5, 2012

My Moves, My Puppy & My Sweetness

My little big girl is four now almost done with her first year of pre-school.  She's loved every minute of school and when she found out that next school year Henry goes every day all day she bawled that she wouldn't be able to.  Comforting her with three days a week, an increase from her current two, was of little consolation.  She makes many beautiful things at school, all of which she is very happy to give away to anybody she can when she gets home.  She loves to give, she'll even give Henry all her candy whenever she gets any.

One day a week Karley has also been attending dance class.  She loves dance, wearing her dance leotard and loves practicing when she gets home.  We are all looking foward to her offical dance pictures and of course her big debut recital next month.  She loves to ask, "wanna see my moves"?  And frequently asks to take her picture doing her "moves".  Couple this with the fact that she loves to sing, has great memorization skills and can cry at the drop of a hat, I think we're headed for some drama classes as she gets older.

This summer we are going to introduce some golf and tennis skills to Karley, her sister and brother.  They all got tennis rackets and golf balls for Christmas from Gram and Grandpa.  We'll have fun with that.

Karley loves her bike but I think she likes the scooter a little better.  She'll get a little more bike riding in when we go camping in a few weeks.  Karley still loves her puppy and would love to take it everywhere but were trying to have her keep him at home a little more {puppy equals thumb sucking}, I think this is going to be a hard habit to break.  She loves to color, do activity books and she's learned how to pump on the swings. 

On our way to school in the morning we have started praying the Rosary and Karley is my most vocal and quickly told me that I don't need to tell her "next bead" any more.  Big Girl.

Speaking of the Rosary....

Last week while at Costco I was packing all the groceries in the back of the carand the kids were all lined up in their seats watching me, I hear from Karley say, "Mother of Mercy".  I was like, what {shaking my head in disbelief}?  I started to laugh, because I've never heard such words from her and I don't go around saying "Mother of  Mercy" (or so I think).  Then the guy next to me asks if I need help, "no, no just laughing at my daughter"  I get in the car and think where did she get that from.  Then she said it again but went on to say the rest of the "Hail Holy Queen", 

...Mother of Mercy,
our life our sweetness
and our hope...

I guess, we do say that.  WOW!

She's such a wonderful girl, full of love.  Adam and I are so proud of her and so blessed to be her parents.   We love you Karley!

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  1. Thank you for sharing! What a beautiful little girl!


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