Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dance Karley

After a school year of her first dance lessons it was finally time for Karley's first dance recital.  She performed in early June on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  It couldn't have been any cuter and Id on't think I could have been any prouder or teary eyed than I was on that day.  

She did so well, as well as a four year old can do in their first year of dance instruction.  She amazed me by how well she was able to listen, and be without me.  I think this might have been the cause for some of the tears.  She was actually able to stand on stage and do something all on her own and perform in a large autitorium of people.  It was something to see.

Her Daddy gave her a red rose after her first performace which she loved and took with her everywhere for the next two days.  Then she finally put it in her room, so very sweet.  I wasn't able to get the pictures I'd hoped for but still, I  marked the occassion.  A DVD will be coming to us soon which I do hope to be able to post here, should I figure that out!

Time is flying by.


  1. Oh my gosh, she's so beautiful. I love love love little girls in tutus.

  2. So beautiful!! I love the photos! That is so cute about the rose!


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