Monday, June 4, 2012

Daybook ~ 6.4.12

Around the Avenue we still have heavy machinery working on the street to the south side of our property.  Not sure about the garden.  It's either dry or still really wet or perhaps not so wet that it probably needs some water.  I better find out.  Otherwise all our summer projects are at stand still.  Big Daddy has been out of town salmon fishing.  Yeah for him, he so deserves a weekend with the guys.

I'm Listening To birds chirping, heavy machinery and at times my voice telling littles to go to bed and an occasional dog barking.  Somebody's {not mine} children yelling for Mom.

I've finished Reading St Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle.  Pondering/Praying about what to read next.  I'm pretty sure it's been decided.  Until next week, I'm taking a small break.  In the meantime I still read Give Us This Day and a Year With the Saints.

Since Adam has been gone fishing, we've been coasting with the Menu.  But I did manage to make a nice meal before he left {Beef Stroganoff}.  Let me tell you how many times I was thanked for the wonderful meal, a lot.  I think there was a message without a lot of words there.  I'll be thinking up something wonderful for tomorrow night.  In general, a menu plan is a must.

It would seem the lackadaisical summer plan is not working so well and Home Learning today has consisted of correcting bad behavior with calm parenting and early bed times.  Tomorrow will be chores first and foremost by all, including myself.

Then I hope to start a few Craft Projects for Father's Day.  I am falling in love with Pinterest.  What I lack in creativity I make up for in being a copy cat artist.  According to a friend of mine, that's what Pinterest is for, so I'm allowed to be a copy cat!

Today in my Running program, I ran my last double digit run {12 Miles} before the big day of 26.2.  I missed the 20 mile run last week.  I was sick and couldn't run or do much for a few days.  I hope that missing it doesn't wreck my confidence on marathon day.  The longest run I did was 18 and it seems like forever ago.  I have had a love/hate for running and then really loved it as I was getting further in the training, then towards the last 6 weeks it became hard to schedule the runs, they became very time consuming and it became more hate.  I can't say that I won't do another marathon, but not one any time soon.  It's easy {or fairly} to actually run, but the time these long runs take {2 hours minimum, 3.5 maximum} has taken a toll.  Not to mention how I feel afterwards, sometimes really tired and don't want to do much.  Don't get me wrong, it's been a great adventure and I'll probably do one again, but I'll be good for at least nine months {He hopes}.  Physically, my body is tired too, my hip still hurts a little and my knee is getting tight, not hurting but it could use a high mileage rest. 

Praying to be less slothful, more organized, utilizing time wisely and productively.  For souls close to me to hear the call.

Gratitude abounds with safe travel, healing little girl, Grace given, friendships, spiritual direction, good books, employment, babysitter so I can run, calmness in crisis, whispers of better parenting.

The Week Ahead is pretty quiet as far as commitments outside the home.  We have plenty to do here.  I will be volunteering on Friday night at the big county music event for our school.  Saturday the kids and I are going to stay with my sister while Adam gets a few house projects cooking.  While we are there we are going to my cousins graduation party and my nieces dance recital.  It will be busy for the twenty-four hours we're there.

I hope you are having a great week!


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  1. Tina, come over to Suscipio and share your weekly Daybook.

    Our menu is always way different when Chris is gone, lots of cereal with milk, lol!


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