Friday, June 8, 2012

Seven Quick Quick Takes ~ June 8, 2012

Right to it....


I'm getting ready for a garage sale.  I've never had a garage sale or been a part of one.  It's a major de-clutter in my house right now.  Not just kids clothing, that routinely gets donated, but anything and everything I can possibly part with.  I'm trying to get Henry wrapped around this idea by letting him have the money for his things {he doesn't wish to part with one single solitary toy from birth} to buy legos.  He has offered up a few baby type board books.  Little does he realize how far the board book won't go towards legos.  Bless his heart for savoring his things and now, please bless his heart to bless somebody elses. 


In all this purging I've come across some old baby pictures.  I could just tear up with how fast this time has gone.  At the same time, I so enjoy the ages they are and their ability to have conversations with me {especially during the day}, participate in the things we do not just tag along, watching them enjoy the things that they enjoy.  So bittersweet. 


Today is the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in 160 cities across the country.  I went to the first one without any children.  I helped my friend, Kristen, with her kiddos.  It was really great to be a part of that event.  This rally was in the big city and I didn't think I'd be able to take my three by myself in the busyness of downtown.  {It seems these days, I'm pushing it by going to Michael's for a craft project} and I didn't dare do something like the Stand Up Rally, even though I'm watching all these photos on twitter and facebook and wishing I were there.

{Update:  I just saw a picture from Minneapolis, it looks nothing like this one below.  I made the right choice for us.}


Busy weekend full of travel all across Minnesota.  Grad parties and dance recitals.  Speaking of dance recitals.  I need to post all about Karley's dance recital last weekend.  She was so precious! 


Karley is so in love with her swimsuits that she wore one to bed last night and refuses to take it off today.  Looks like a fun summer.  As soon as we get the back yard somewhat finished in landscaping we can set up the kiddie pool for them.  FUN!  For now, we've been enjoying smoothies in the afternoon for cool treat.


One week from tomorrow {June 16 depending on when you are reading this}, I'll be running the marathon.  Yes, 26.2 miles.  I am hoping for temperatures in the 50's.  Wouldn't that be nice.  Hoping that the 87 I see on the thermometer now is long gone by next weekend.  I've had some strange running this week, making me very nervous.  I like the taper {winding down of mileage before the big day}, yet, at the same time it's making me more nervous about not having had a long run in weeks. 


Once I get this garage sale stuff further along I hope to be back to blogging more regularly.  I do like it.  {What a lame #7}  What are you doing this weekend?

God Bless!

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  1. Congrats and good luck on the marathon!! I did the Disney one six years ago- it was awesome! Enjoy every moment of it- you've worked hard for it!

    1. Hi Cari! It will be a gift for sure! When did you have time to run? I bet three kids ago and one great husband?

    2. Oppsss...meant, Same great husband....who watches kids during those long runs. :)

  2. Oh, want any additions for your sale? I can find a few hundred things. When are you having it??? :)


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