Friday, July 6, 2012

My Priceless Patient

I knew I was going to have to tell her at some point, even if I didn't want to, even if I had to try my hardest not to cry.  Half way into our hour drive she finally did ask, "Where are we going".  I had to tell her. 

I explained as little as I could and still my eyes filled with water.  I didn't have to say much and she said softly, "okay, Mom".  She always ends her words with, "Mom".

Her little blonde curls sprung as she walked and she didn't have a care in the world.  She felt so safe, I hated that she didn't know, yet her ignorance could only help, both her & I.  Tonsils, and most likely adenoids would be coming out within hours.

She played with toys in our little pre-op room, talked to all the doctors, nurses and child life representative.  Sweetness all around her.  Even sweeter, she walked to surgery in her pink eye crocs. 

I worried once I put her on the surgery table she'd start crying, ask me to carry, anything but lay so sweetly and take in the air that would allow for surgery to take place.  She  layed so calm and sweet as I talked to her told her how good she was.  We talked about the nurse whose name is Mary how we like the name Mary.  I told her how much we all love her and then she began to start falling asleep.  The anaesthesiologist warned me that he might arch her back, legs might kick, head would arch, in response to her body disconnecting to her consciousness.  My thoughts were of the soul disconnecting from the body.  I was scared to see this, too close to death, a mother never wants to see this.  I also knew that she would do much better with me present so I went with, without hesitation.  Her little legs bent, her back slightly arched and I knew this is what the doctor was speaking about.  I kissed her and whispered a prayer in her ear, then cried my way back to her pre-op room.

The doctor said he'd come back to us about 45 minutes after the start, I happened to remember to look at my watch right after my scrubs came off.  9:00 AM.  Adam is good company, thank God.  And thank God it was a very quick 35 minutes.  The mild mannered doctor came to tell us all went well, she had "very very large tonsils" as well as a "very large adenoid", "a lot of tissue for a girl her age and size".  I took that to mean he sees a lot of tonsils and these were on the larger side of what he normally sees.  He instructed us on home care and what to expect, then told us she'd be in her room in about 30 minutes.

That was a long 30 minutes, I'm guessing because it turned into an hour.  Not exactly what waiting parents would like, but since she was already out of anesthesia and didn't have any problems during the operation, we figured it was because she was sleeping, which it was.

She finally came back to the room and she did a lot of sleeping while an IV dripped into her arm.  She was very willing to chew on popsicles and drink from her juice box.  We were very thankful she was such a good patient and very amazed.  I prepared for the worst and was pleasantly surprised at how well she did.

One of the things we've noticed while the big two were away is how big Sophie is.  She' isn't a baby by any means, but she's always the youngest.  While I looked at her hands all wrapped up with an IV drip attached, I thought she looked big and small all at the same time.

Adam ran into work, while at Sophie's request, I crawled into bed with her for a nap.  Then about 3:30 we headed home.  I was surprised that she would be going home but seeing how well she did, I could see why we were allowed to go home. 

We got home about 4:30 PM and she was hungry!  I wasn't really prepared for how hungry she'd be.  I thought she'd be so out of it that she wouldn't eat and would just sleep.  I was wrong!  In addtion to eating, she was all about her stickers, watching her two new Dora movies. 

Then it hit.  I think about 8:30 PM (not a normal bedtime but when you sleep all day?) her local anesthesia must have worn off and she was cRaNkY!  Didn't want meds that she had to have, didn't want to drink anything, didn't want to eat anything, didn't want either of us to touch her, talk to her or even look at her.  She kicked, screamed and cried.  The reality has hit, this isn't going to be as easy as she would have had me believe three hours earlier.

The night was long, I was worried about bleeding, forcing meds and her not drinking.  We made it through and she woke up fairly pleasant, with Dora for company this morning.  Henry and Karley spoke with her on the phone.  Her face was so happy when she was talking with them and as soon as she was done I could tell by her little face how much she misses them.  I think they will all be glad to be together.  They miss each other and I'm grateful for their love of one another. 

She's been doing a little napping, a little watching her bff and even played in her room a little bit. 

I'm grateful.



  1. What a sweetie. I'd cry too if I had to take Ava.

  2. I'm so glad it's over and went well! My kids are the opposite after the ear tube surgery - they wake up MAD! But then they are back to normal in about an hour :) Thank God for skilled surgeons and answered prayers :)


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