Saturday, August 4, 2012

Henry is Riding Solo

While on vacation we noticed that Henry was finally ready to have the training wheels come off his bike.  Camping allows for a lot of bike riding!  We could tell he wasn't really using the training wheels anymore, so we got him mentally ready to shed the extra set of wheels.  

He wanted to wait until we were home, then off they came.  He did so well as you can see by these pictures.  I think you can see happiness and the concentration, all at the same time. 

He was even lucky enough to receive a lesson on reattaching the chain. 

What a day, my baby rides a bike!

For the record, it was blazing hot outside.  Henry has on lined pants to prevent injury during a fall that never happened.  Still, he wasn't too sure about putting his shorts back on for more bike riding.  He eventually did opt for shorts and loves riding his bike every chance he can.  

God Bless,


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