Saturday, September 22, 2012

7 Quick Takes ~ On Saturday

I do realize the link up for Seven Quick Takes is on Friday but there was just something about putting both the back to school posts, back to back.  I'm hoping this can truly be quick as Saturday morning is going to be a bit busy.
Right to it.
I have to tell you that the word verify thing doesn't work well for me.  I can't see and it's always a guessing game as to what the letters are.  I can usually get the numbers but the letters almost always require glasses.  Honestly, too lazy to retrieve them from some cabinet in the bathroom.  Glasses, yes glasses.
Our new shingles will be arriving today.  It's cold and windy and not the perfect Fall day one would hope for to roof.  I'll worry the whole time that Big Daddy shouldn't be up there and that something tragic will happen to him.  He will give the look that I'm nuts and all is going to be fine.  I worry about tragedy too much.
Speaking of new shingles, we got all the landscaping done and are now waiting for new grass to pop up.  I have before, actually during pictures.  I had hoped to have finished pictures with grass but it's taking a little longer and way too much water.  We pay an outrageous water bill. 
I've discovered that you can very quickly make a book via Blurb with your Instagram pictures.  That made me not feel as bad about more time wasters online.  So I thought about trying to revive the photo a day via Instagram.  I'm also going to try and keep the theme as something I'm thankful for each day.   I think I'm mypricelessfishers on there if you want to follow along.
I tried my hand at a few things on Pinterest this summer.  I painted a couple of chairs, made a craft project for Father's Day and took some photos that I saw on the interlink.  Makes me feel better when I use this time to make something. 
Speaking of which, I need to start making, something like five, photo books before my son turns six.   I'm sure I'll be posting some baby pictures of Henry and jotting down some memories of that time.  What I can remember anyway, it all seems a blur these days.  He's very excited to finally have books of him.
There is a definite need for writing things down for me.  But I think I need to be more specific.  All day long yesterday looked at this sticky note that had three to do things on it.  The last one was "Call Nancy".  I had no idea what Nancy I was to call, or what I was to call her about.  It wasn't until the end of the day when I was telling my sister how bad my memory has got that I finally remembered.  I was supposed to call the girls' dance instructor to order dance shoes.  The note now reads, "Call Nancy ~ dance". 
Have a great weekend!
No photos or links this time....had to be quick, quick quick.

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