Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Late Late Late Giveaway Announcement

Please forgive this late announcement.  Seems as if I need a better planning system.  So sorry.

and the winner is.....Cari from Clan-Donaldson.  Shoot me an e-mail Cari with your address and I'll get that off to you.  Soon, I promise.


Original Post:
I smile every time I finish reading, I Just Can't Take It Anymore!, by Anthony DeStefano. The pictures of these little kiddos are just so darn cute! The words that go with the pictures make me laugh, reminisce, and then when you look at the pictures again, you laugh some more.

Make no mistake, there's a message, and it's great. It's just so simple and yet, we all need it. Constantly. Or at least I need it more than I'd like to admit. More on that.

The book is small, will fit in your purse and there are a little more than 30 pages. They are filled with cute sayings and pictures relating to every day life situations, thoughts, fears, and what might be our sufferings. As you progress through the book you realize that yes, if you start paying more attention to Him and start paying more attention to the things that really matter in life, start praying and notice that the bad things that happen in life often lead to something good-...even miracles. We are also reminded of the most terrible suffering Jesus went through and that happy ending.

And the message we all need.....If only I put my trust in Him.

It is really hard to pick out a favorite page because so many have fit a situation in my own life, either long past or just yesterday, or even today. There are two that I found very funny, and they just happen to be right next to each other. One I tell myself every day and the other I hope to never have to tell my girls.

The left page reads, "For some reason I can't seem to lose weight" The right page reads, "I seem to make a habit out of getting involved in the wrong relationships."

This is a wonderful book to give as a small gift and as well as to receive. Better yet, Mr. DeStefano has been gracious enough to send a book to give to one of you. All you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail address so I can let you know if you've won. I'll leave the giveaway open until July 18, 2012. Good luck!
I guarantee you'll smile, be thankful and uplifted.

Other titles by Anthony DeStefano that I have reviewed are: The Donkey No One Could Ride, The Invisible World and Little Star.

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