Tuesday, October 30, 2012

All Good Things Come to an End

I've been thinking of closing this blog for awhile now and the time has finally come.  There reasons are many, things are broken, some things should be changed, sometimes I feel narrowed in by the name, even though my Fishers are Priceless, I've grown and need a new space to share that which encompassed all I feel moved by.  This will include my Priceless but won't be limited to as I've sometimes felt. 
I don't know the reasons people read here.  Although I do know one, that of my little girl and her hair condition.  Those posts have been popular and helpful (maybe?), but they are going to close.  Whatever your reason, I hope you'll like the new place, even though it won't be what some are interested in.  That's okay, I'm moving in a direction I feel I'm called to capture, for me, and you are welcomed to come.  (It's a lot more fun if you do!)
Some thing will look different and some things are just me and what I like. 
Thank you for your support over the last three years here.  I've enjoyed reading your comments, sharing my family with you and reading your blogs too!
I'm not sure exactly when this blog will officially close, only soon.  I might have a few things left to wrap up.

My new blog is www.gaudeteindomino.com

In Our Lord & Lady,



  1. I read because of your faith and motherhood experiences....another Catholic mama out there we need eachother!

    I did hear a long time ago, not sure if it's true, that you should not delete a blog, because there are Pornographic sites that take over that domain then...never for you to get it back. SO the best is to just leave it as is. Unless you need to delete certain posts, etc... Just fyi

    I understand, times change and we change, we grow and I think as we get older, we DO get wiser and start to know what we really want.

    I'll still be reading, God bless you!

  2. I am looking forward to reading at your new space!

    I go back and forth about closing my blog. For so long I have felt that my blog is directionless and I needed to just pick a focus and blog about that. But, then I just decided to leave it as it is. As much as I would love for others to read it, I started blogging for me and therefore I just need to keep on posting for me too. Good for yuo for knowing what you want from your blog and just posting as you feel called to!


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