Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daybook 10.15.12

Around the Avenue things are starting to look brown.  We have moved past pretty colors of fall and are mostly seeing crispy and crunchy.  The light leaves us somewhere between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. since the light is fading time for projects after work is as well.  Another sad fact is that it's getting colder, as in colder where I've had to scrape the frost on my car windows in the morning.  My dear husband has been working for a long time on our roof.  It seems endless and when a person uncovers new project, one after another, within the first project, then it actually is a long time.
As I type this everybody is in bed, including the dog.  I listen to only the hum of the computer fan and an occasional train and the heat.  The heat that I finally turned on only days into October, as I could bare the 66 degree or less, high temperatures inside the house.  Such peace that calls for slumber.
The books I grab for these days are Walking Toward Eternity Making Choices for Today by Jeff & Emily Cavins which a companion to The Bible.  I'm on day four of 365 of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  Building Better Families by Matthew Kelly is about half way marked and I'm super excited to start another journey with The Catholic Child's Teaching Bible by Jenny H at Suscipio.
The menu has been non existent for the last two weeks and I can't see that it will get any better the rest of this week. 
It's a crazy busy week of non routine learning.  We're in the middle of entertaining grandparents for grandparents day at school.  Today Karley brought Grandpa John & Grandma Sally to school for a mini marathon and root beer floats.  The came yesterday and I can tell you that my they were all very excited to see them.  My four year old was over the moon to have such a special day.  Without a doubt when asked at supper tonight her favorite part of the day Grandparent's Day and all it contained were the best part of the day.  Tomorrow Gram will come to escort our almost six year old to his first Grandparent's Day.  And Karley will have yet another fun day going to the pumpkin patch with her class and me as a chaperon.  More fun is in store for Henry on his Marathon Day later in the week followed by two days off from school.  Like I said, it's a fun, non-traditional school week! 
The only projects around here are that of the housing kind.  As in da roof.  It's about half way shingled, which is over half way done considering all the add on projects my McGyver husband found.  Knowledge of how to do something the way it's supposed to be done and how it is done, can be a good or bad thing.  I guess it just depends on how you look at things, how long the project becomes and whether or not the outcome is going to have awesome results.  Oh, and the cost, ya the cost, the cost of extra projects. 

All in all we are most grateful to be able to do the projects.  It would cost way too much to have to hire it out.  We'd never get near as much done as we would like.  Also, McGyver really does like being handy and I am glad he is as well.  A few other items of gratitude.....
::Being able to go to my cousins going away party before he left for the Air Force
::Finding new resources to help my family learn His words
::Having a nice visit with my Dad & Sally
::The upcoming weekend
::Talking to my Goddaughter on her birthday
::Our Blessed Mother
::Her Son
The week ahead is busy and fun.  MyGyver and I are looking forward to some time together towards the end of the week. 
God Bless you and your week.
Joining Suscipio.


  1. Hi Tina, so glad you joined up!

  2. I loved all your book recommendations plus your links lead me to Suscipio, which is new to me. Thanks! BTW, good luck with the roof!


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