Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday and the Roof

We are knee deep in the next project of the re-model, the roof.  Landscaping is done even though grass didn't come up as we would have hoped, but with the dry weather and the cost of water in our city, that's what we'll get until muddy Spring.
Monday I spent the day driving kids to school, loading up the dump trailer, picking up kids from school, loading up the dump trailer, oh and then...
From the roof Adam told me to get the dog and the kids in the house.  Huh?  "There's a raccoon next to that tree".  Huh?  And then he said he thought it wasn't right, it fell from a tree twice and of course the fact that it was the middle of the day, in town.  Kids in the house and the neighbor came over and took care of it.  Animal lover I am, and it looked so cute.....

....but a loco raccoon in our yard, we think not.
Back to the roof, or rather the dump trailer and this fun tool our other neighbor brought over.  Slickest thing ever if you roof and don't like buying or repairing tires.

Adam always says you'd be surprised at what's going on under the eves or behind the siding...this was only from one part of the house.  Granted, it's an old house.

The day was done.

My hard working husband.

God Bless!


  1. What do you mean "took care of it"?

    Wow, cool to see and get picture of, but yes, scary for the kiddos!

    Wow, that's a lot of bees nests....we have a ton I'm sure too.

  2. I was wondering the same thing as Jamie Jo!! After working at a vet's offcie through high school and college, potentially rabid animals make me nervous.

  3. Oh I knew what "take care of it" meant! Thank goodness, that is really odd for it to be out in the middle of the day like that. But what a great shot of it!

    Good luck on your project.

  4. Your hubby sounds like such a help! I have one of those too (but he works so much otherwise, that he's not always here to do the work on the new house) This weekend's plans include bricking up some holes in the chimney on the old house so we can hook up the water heater and building some stairs to the back door. We sound like we're in a similar boat. I'm living at our Old "re-done" house (that's for sale) and we're working on the New "Old" house. If we can get the loan we're hoping for, we'll be able to put on a new roof, put in new windows (about 30+), new siding and a new back deck before winter sets in. Say a prayer it all goes through, would you?


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