Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sophie's First Dentist Appointment

Over the years I've heard little kids cry, thrash and scream just prior to getting their teeth cleaned.  I can even remember my own sister doing this for her first teeth cleaning.  This has made me always a little nervous when bringing one of my children to the dentist.  The last of the firsts for this happened a little over a week ago. 

We don't go to a children's dental place but we have this wonderful woman who is so sweet it and gentle there hasn't ever been a need to go anywhere else.  I schedule myself in the mix of appointments so the children can watch me get my teeth cleaned.  By the way, I love getting my teeth cleaned.

Every single one has been on my lap for the cleaning and they have all done very very well.  No tears, no crying, no refusal of any kind.  I think the prizes, toothbrushes (have I ever mentioned how much my kids love toothbrushes and toothpaste?) and toothpaste are the ticket to a successful visit for my kids.

Here's my little Sophie after her first cleaning.  She really is much happier about this than would appear.

These are her teeth.  Do you see them?
Oh, here they are.
And finally, here's how it's done with Mom on board.

Joining Emily.

Make it a great day!


  1. I love getting my teeth cleaned as well! Very sweet pictures of your girls!

  2. I think with the right dentist and hygienist no kid should be scared! So glad your daughter had a positive experience :)

  3. So thrilled to hear that Sophie had a great first visit to the dentist! I'm thankful that Audri's was positive as well. No child should have to be scared and Heidi (above) is right, if the dentist and hygienist are right, they will put your child at ease. Amazing how in spite of technology and advancements, bed side manner is still the most important thing. Oh and I must say, you look fabulous, my friend! So beautiful! Got your message about the buttons and I will email you when I get a moment tomorrow... {ahem} later today. =)


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