Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Spiritual Direction

I've been writing about my re-version to lay down the foundation of how easy thing are when we say "Yes" to God.  To remind myself how busy God was (still is) in my life when I'd just get out of the way.  There are many times when I ask myself, really, me, surely not me and why me? 
So I had my big confession, met a really great friend and I felt enlighten by how many bad decisions I had made in my life and that I didn't want to make more big mistakes.  I needed to change my way of thinking.  I kept hearing whispers of, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Director, Spiritual Director. 
Really?  Where am I going to get one of these?
I searched the web, read other devout Catholic blogs searched the word Spiritual Director in  Jennifer Fulwiler's blog and found a great article about getting oneKristen had one, I guess I'm not totally crazy.  Well, I'm sure some people would debate that, after all,  I'm pretty sure some close to me probably call me a crazy Bible Thumper and that's pure crazy.
About this same time, Fall 2009, our oldest son started pre-school at a Catholic school.  My husband, McGuyver, and I were starting to think about joining the school church.  This school is where we hope that our kids will attend school until they graduate, so attending the parish seemed like the right thing. 
It was hard to leave our friends at the old parish, my Bible study groups, all our kids were baptized there, McGuyver made all his childhood sacraments there, his Mom's funeral was there and his Dad was still there.  But in the end we decided to make the change for our kids as the school parish would be the place they would grow up in and make their sacraments.
The parish we were to join had a wonderful, devout young priest that we knew everybody loved.  With my husband's permission, I called him to ask him if he could recommend somebody for Spiritual Direction.  (This was so crazy, what in the world was I, this once Harley riding, party chick, etc. woman doing?).  The priest said he could.  Wow.  Here we go.  He asked if I was looking for spiritual direction over a least a six month period of time or did I need council over something specific.  I indicated that I was looking for something more long term to learn how to make better decisions, no specific issue, except uh, me
That's how spiritual direction started.  One nervous phone call.  Another yes.
I've been seeing Fr Tony for spiritual direction for two years.  I have no doubt that God works through, him for me and for my family.

I will instruct you and teach you the way you should go;
I will council you with my eye upon you. ~ Psalm 32:8


Thanks for making my day!