Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Name & The Picture

I'm still working on how things look.  I find that getting things they way I'd like them takes a lot of time.  Time isn't abundant, so please bear with the work in progress of this blog.
I thought I'd share the how I came up with the name Gaudete in Domino.  I started with a website that translated Latin phrases into English, which was very helpful.  There are so many great phrases to chose from.  But guess what?  A lot of universities think there are great Latin verses as well.  It also means a lot of graduates like those verses too.  My goal was to find something that the e-mail address and blog name could be the same, or at least similar, and had some meaning to me.  My pickings became very slim. 
It was between In Ordinary Things or Gaudete in Domino.  I was heavily leaning towards the former because of all things, a somewhat local priest had www.gaudeteindomino.blogspot.com  I was worried that I would be infringing on his title and after all he's a priest.  Then a good friend mentioned to me that he would, most likely, be flattered that somebody else would like this phrase as much as he did. 
Gaudete in Domino or Rejoice in the Lord, I liked it because it reminds me to be happy in the Lord, trust, be not afraid and to give thanks.  The times I feel closest to the Lord are when I am giving thanks and am joyful.  Thank you, Ann for showing me thanksgiving!
The photo.  My goal was to use a photo that I captured.  Obviously this is the SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) and needed a lot of help.  I fiddled and fiddled but couldn't get it to look linear.  I have a terrible habit of taking pictures with a slant, it's my own poor vision or posture, perhaps both.  I finally figured it out and got the image to be cropped and the lines correct.  At least the best I could.  Reminder to self:  Make sure to take a picture like this straight on

The picture was taken at Our Lady of Good Help in Wisconsin.  I went there with my good friend Kristen and her sweet, then six month old, son P.  I don't remember but I think it might be the door to the confessional?   It's against the wall of the church and I think there were people standing to my left in the main aisle that I didn't want to disturb.  So I snapped from where I was.   
There you have it, The Name and The Photo.
Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice!
~ 1 Chronicles 16:10


  1. Love the name Tina! Especially since I am teaching Latin to my youngest and I just love the language.

  2. I only know a few things....I would love to get to a Latin Mass though!

  3. Love the explanation! So much thought!!

    1. I wish it wasn't so much thought.....I'm not one of those quick minded thinkers (except when I open my mouth).


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