Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Henry's Kindergarten Graduation

Henry graduated from Kindergarten on Thursday, May 23.  It was a busy week for us and the Thursday wasn't an exception, the entire day was busy.  The morning was filled with the Teddy Bear Band and a picnic for Karley's pre-school.  After that we went to another park in town for Henry's picnic day, home for a quick bit to eat and then Kindergarten graduation Mass.


We gathered in the social hall at church where the kids put on their pint sized cap and gown.  I thought I'd get all choked up and spill tears like I did at Mass a week prior for the seniors, but I didn't.  The seniors took the pews that the Kindergarteners usually sit in and my mind flash forwarded years down the road, years that are going so quickly already.  Eemotions got the best of me as I envisioned my son having his last class Mass to the point of tears washing my face. 
Kindergarten Mass was different, it was cute and God willing it won't be the last school Mass.  So the good-bye was cute, fun and not the end but more the beginning.  The kids all did so well and were so grown up.  At least they all seemed so grown up until the cake and ice cream that was served afterwards started kicking in.  After that point the kids broke out running around the social hall.  
We are very blessed by our school which has been both a guide and an extension of home.
You've had a wonderful Kindergarten year.  You loved your teacher Mrs. B {we couldn't ask for a better Kindergarten teacher} and all of your classmates.  You've learned to add change, starting to tell time, read, you've learned additional Spanish {I think}, your art has been wonderful  {especially the Hopson Hats that you and your classmates created at the Hopson Hat Shop},  You've learned how to participate in the Mass, sing new songs, addition, subtraction, writing, sounding words out, how to assemble, additional prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, and much more.  You love school, yet were ready for the break.  You've enjoyed your classmates and have broadened your comfort zone in making friends.
I missed having you at home with me for lunch everyday and was very grateful to be able to volunteer in your classroom on Friday mornings.  I enjoyed helping your teacher and class at Mass, cutting & pasting many art projects for your assembly.  It was fun to put your homework in your mailboxes and I'll never forget sorting your very first school workbooks on my first volunteer day.  It was a blessing for me to drive you to school every day {with the exception of the broken leg days} and an even bigger blessing to pick you up from school the days that we did.  I had a hard time the first half of the year letting you go and adjusting to a quieter home without you here all the time.  It wasn't until I broke my leg that I felt more at peace with you being at school {I think it was forced}.  Your Dad does a great job at knowing what's best for our family and that school is the place for you and your sisters, even if I missed you and wanted you with me all the time. 
You've have blossomed right along with all your classmates.  But just to keep you grounded I'll remind you that you still don't like going downstairs by yourself and request that Sophie goes with you.  Your heart is so kind that you currently want to buy each of us motorhomes so we can all camp together and hop from trailer to motorhome each night.  Somehow Dad and I are going to drive them all as you recognize that only the adults can drive, yet somehow you are springing the bill.  You want to be a racecar driver, a "worker" {as in road worker}, you've mentioned a priest and a racecar driver {I think this could be more because I offer the former as a possibility} and I haven't had the heart to tell you that both of those careers have Sunday at the "big day".  You don't want a girlfriend because "you have to be with them all the time during the week but on the weekend you don't have to be with them".  You love playing legos, your Kindle, you've moved away from some of the baby cartoons and would prefer Sponge Bob {even if I don't}, you like swinging and making forts, tunnels, and attempting to grow watermelon in your "garden of ease".
Henry you're a sweet boy and Dad & I love you very much.  You a blessing to everyone you meet!

Happy Kindergarten Graduation!

Mom & Dad Love YOU!

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  1. Oh! They look so TINY in the pews! I cried over the Seniors at our mass last weekend, too. *sniff* I remember when most of them were babies and now they're all grown up. I also bawled at my youngest son's eighth grade graduation - moving up to high school now!

    I'm ready for summer, and the end to all the tear-inducing end of school year happenings. :)


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