Thursday, May 30, 2013

Memorial Weekend 2013

The end to our busy week last week was our annual trip to northern Minnesota for a family fishing weekend.  We left Friday morning early as early could be considering the week we had and how much time we didn't have to make wheels up by 8:30 AM.  I think we were on the road by 9:30 or 10:00 AM. 
We made it to our favorite truck stop for breakfast at just the right time.  When I was a kid a truck stop was some greasy spoon in the middle of nowhere, bordering on the side of dirty.  The truck stop we visit was nothing of the sort.  Nelson Bros is absolutely amazing!  I always get the Minnesota Omelet.  It is a three egg omelet with a hollandaise sauce, tomatoes, wild rice and a lot of cheese.  It's heavenly.  I digress, I'm hungry.
We finally made it to camp about three hours after that.  Usual Friday night camp night, fishing for Adam and Henry, campfire for the ladies.  Saturday some of my Aunts and Uncles came to visit us at the campsite and get in on the fishing action.  Most of the crew went fishing and I stayed back to visit with some family.  The sun was shining, the kids were playing as fish was being brought to the table. 

Usually we are scrapping to have a fish fry on Sunday night but this year we had to have one on Saturday night to be able to fish the rest of the weekend due to getting close to our limits.  We fished more on Sunday, sat around the camp, ate a lot of good food, biked, played and had another fish fry on Sunday night. 
Two things about this weekend that might be considered a little strange.  First, I'm pretty sure we managed to leave with more food than we arrived with and this our core group:

Top Left:  Adam, Me, Jim, Tonya, Mom, Dad, Sally
Bottom Left:  Henry, Karley Sophie, Hannah, Hailey

Maybe you missed Mom & Dad haven't been married to each other for at least 35 years.  So how does this camping trip happen?  My best guess is that a few years back we invited my Dad & Sally to come visit us because it was my Dad's birthday.  I think I was pregnant with Sophie?  Well, it turns out that Dad & Sally have friends that camp at the campground too and liked coming to visit their friends as well.  Then a few years back we sold our first camper to Dad & Sally so last year they came camping with us.  It was stranger last year!  That year I didn't take the usual camping photo but did mark the weekend, just because.  I'm not sure what to make of it this year either.

I also wasn't sure what to do about the photo this year and was going to let it go.  But my sister or somebody rounded everybody up and even asked somebody else to take the photo.  I clearly wasn't ready {zero make up} but it's marked for history.

Memorial Weekend 2013.

It was a great weekend.  Zero rain, a lot of fish, food, great weather and good times {not a lot of pictures though}.

God Blessings!

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