Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crazy Daze of our Weekend

Our town had their annual celebration this last weekend.  We had our 8th annual party on Friday night for the big fireworks.  We live in one of the most perfect spots for all the activities.  Either the events are right from our driveway, a short walk to the park or a few blocks up the hill, certainly one of the perk of living where we do!
I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday during my cleaning but brushed it off with a couple of Aleve.
The kids were so excited for the party.  The continual asked, "When are the party people coming.  Who is coming to the party again?  Why aren't they here yet"  It went on and on until our first guests arrived.
The fireworks were really really good.  Adam and I were both surprised how good they were and how long they were for our small town.  It was during the fireworks that I started to realize that Aleve wasn't going to kick my under the weather.  I was really feeling sick.  Everybody left and I immediately went to bed, shivering.
Saturday morning the kids all ran the Kiddie 1/2 Mile Race.  The plan was the Adam was going to run with the girls even though when I entered them I promised I would.  I just didn't think I could.
Until I saw these little faces going by me on the start line. 

Sophie behind Libby (79)

There was no way I could leave Adam hanging and there was no way Sophie was going to pull out of this without me.  She really likes me.  Karley does too, but Karley can be lead out of a crying spiral by Dad or Mom, Sophie....mostly just Mom. 
We each took a girl and Henry ran all by himself (second year in a row, big kid!).
The first 100 meters Sophie cried she was too scared, didn't know where she was going and then she was fine.  I had to remember to tell her that we could walk a little.  She had a lot of encouragement and soon came to love it.  I reminded her of all her practice running she's been doing and how this was the big run. 
Sophie was a little scared to turn around, not sure why but by the end she was absolutely loving every bit of it.  And just before we rounded the corner for the last 100 m she told me I didn't need to hold her hand any more.  Oh, we were dead last and it was so fun.  The kids had a blast.


Adam was super and took the kids to the lawn mower pull (yes, lawn mower pull).  I went to the doctor for a strep test.  The rapid test turned out negative and I kind of felt stupid for having gone.  The rest of my day was spent in bed.
Sunday's activities to come.
I so love these "daze" in our town.


  1. I hope you feel better, Tina! Eamon has the same shirt as Henry...he wore it on July 4th! Isn't it cute to see the little kids running a race? My older boys did one 5k and can't stop talking about the next one!

    1. It is so cute to see them running. I told Sophie this was the first race of many in her whole life. The other two were like "our whole life". Yup, your whole life! :)

  2. So cute! Can't believe you got that shot of her crying and the one of her running beside you! (This from the woman who took pictures right before her daughter nearly drown!) Sure hoping you're feeling better soon. What a great momma to run anyway!

    1. It wasn't until just about the very end that I realized I had the camera around my neck to get the one while running. Otherwise my plan was to get pictures of them at the end. I'm thankful I remembered it around my neck!

  3. I love small-town festivals! I hope we can join you next year. Feel better - being sick during the summer is no good at all!

    1. I guess one good thing about being sick now is that it's a good excuse to be inside on these hot 95+ days?

      I love these small town festivals too! Yes, next year! :)


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