Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Delayed is this post.  Delayed was the visit.  Delayed is my baby.  That's what she wrote on the papers she faxed.  Delayed.  It was tough to see those words even tougher to muster it up that day because I knew this is what would happen. 

My baby had been suffering from one cold after another.  One tells me it's hard for babies to clear out the gunk.  I was sick, she got sick.  Her cousin was sick, she got sick.  The pediatrician didn't say anything sounded bad in her lungs when she was in for her nine month appointment.  I figured she would be fine.  We talked about her delay, a little.  I made mention of the fact that she did roll over in the appropriate time frame but hasn't really since.  She will fight against the roll.  My first baby was the same way, so I didn't fret.  My baby sat at the mark deemed normal.  She's on track.  Then by nine months she really wasn't crawling, scooting a bit yes and her language is lagging.  The doctor* and I talked and she advised me to let her know things were progressing in a month. 

*I should point out that I do not over worry and that we absolutely love our pediatrician.  She has called our home to follow up with different things (Henry had RSV when he was really little and she called the house to see how he was).  The doctor and her nurse know our kids well and I feel she checks in on how mom is doing as well. 

The month has passed I had to admit it, Sophie does have a delay (lack of rolling, can't move from a lying on stomach to sitting position, doesn't crawl, doesn't crawl stairs, doesn't reach to stand, doesn't stand and the language is behind) for whatever reason.  I am also concerned of this lingering cough, running nose and over all irritable baby.  Enough is enough.  I made the appointment and it just so happens the day I did was the worst day for her.  She just looked miserable.  All this time though, no fever, slept well and what I thought was "just her way".

In the beginning of the appointment I went over the concerns of her cough, cold, etc.  She looked in her ears.  Both infected.  I wonder how long have they been infected?  My mind is racing.  I already went over the chart with the nurse with a general timeline of how long she had been on again off again sick.  Too long.  How long?  I feel horrible.  I also know the chest x-ray is coming.  I dread this.  I've been through this before. 

Next we talk about the delay.  I well up with tears, she hands me a tissue.  "We'll get you some help, see where she's at, we'll get her on track".  I also knew this was coming. 
One told me this would be a good idea.  Don't let her get further behind.  One said she's a third baby she's just behind a little.  After all was said, I knew in my heart of hearts that I should get help now so she's not further behind.  So that's been very heavy on my mind. 

In the last week Sophie's become a whole new baby.  She's in general happier and I've heard a few more "words" from her as well.  I would guess the ear infection has been plaguing her longer than I'd even like to think about. 

I am still waiting for a call from our county to see about a home visit where somebody to assess her.  Scares the heck out of me.  I've been working on helping her the only ways I know how.  She's kind of resistant and very picking on when she wants to "practice". 

I am sure she will get up so speed and there isn't anything majorly wrong.  She does need some assistance.  New ways for me to help her?

We love her so much and only want the best for her.



  1. well...
    since i have no kids yet.. i have no advice.. cause i have no idea...
    but you guys will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers..!

  2. First and foremost, don't beat yourself up. Secondly, she'll make strides as her ears clear up. You'll be amazed. Last, wrap her in Mary's mantle. That Mother knows how to take care of all her children. God bless you and your precious little ones. Your pediatrician sounds wonderful.

  3. Thinking of you. It so hard to know when to go for help. My son used to struggle with colds and ear infections and it was connected to a dairy intolerance. He had a stuff nose for so long I didn't even notice after a while. It wasn't until I began to address my own allergies that we were able to address his.

  4. You are doing a great job! I'm with Katie, I would look at allergies too. When Charlie was little, the first sign that dairy bugged her was a constant runny nose. And now, we have narrowed it down, it is definetly the kitties causing the hives she has been having. I would bet the ear infection has been causing her to suffer all around as well! God bless! Love you - Holly

  5. Listen to your heart girl, you are absolutely doing the right thing! I know we have talked about this a lot and the bottom line is, why not? I know it's easier said than done but try not to think about it too much, she will be fine! In a few years you will will never know she went through this. I hope the colds go way and the ears clear up soon, that could be a big factor in it all! You're an awesome Mom, go with you gut cause Mommy always know best!! :)

  6. I am sorry for what you are going through. Love your pictures! Prayers and blessings!

  7. Oh, Tina, hugs to you! Both of my girls are delayed in various areas so I have been down this road...and it's not so bad. It is frustrating at times but you just grow through this with her and watch her blossom.

    So, my advice...
    1) Don't let the county assessment scare you. It is really no big deal. However, this is where you pull out your health insurance policy and figure out what kind of tests and scores they consider *standard* to qualify for services. You will want to ensure the county person tells you exactly which tests will be run, why, and question if they don't match up to your insurance. If her test scores don't qualify her then request a second opinion if you feel the scores are erroneous.
    2) Inquire about free services but don't feel that you have to use them. I was not impressed with the services our school district offered and had to move Jacy to a private pay therapist. It was the best move we ever made.
    3) Breath. It will all work out and your beautiful little girl will flourish and thrive and catch up in no time!!

    Prayin' for ya! E-mail me if you have Q's!

  8. I'll be praying for you. Hopefully it's the ears that were bugging her, but I'm glad you're checking into it. You do have a great pediatrician... I know because I wish she was still Novia's. She was such an amazing support to me when Novia was struggling as a newborn. Hang in there and give your anxieties to the Lord. He cares for your little one more than you can fathom! Love you.

  9. Thinking of you. It so hard to know when to go for help. Hey great stuff, thank you for sharing this useful information and i will let know my friends as well.
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  10. I had the same issues with my third. He did not start walking until he was two years old and his speech is delayed. He saw a physical therapist through our county and now sees a speech therapist. So, I know how you feel! Try not to worry so much. It will all come for her in time!

  11. Our first was delayed in crawling/walking and he got physical therapy and walked at 17 months. He's a great athelete now at age 7.

    Our second was delayed in speech due to ear infections and fluid in his ears so that he couldn't hear us clearly. He got ear tubes and speech therapy, and is at the head of his class at age 5.

    The third and fourth kids also needed ear tubes, but we caught it earlier and they had no speech delays. Now our third one has a lisp that we need to get worked on.

    I guess what I'm saying is that all kids have to go through something, and we need to count our blessings that these are little crosses that will pass and not something larger and more serious.

    You are such a GREAT mom, and now that you've figured out about the ear infections, make sure they go away or get tubes...her speech will come right along. And she's still so young that any therapy she has now will probably be shortlived and then she won't even remember it. I LOVE free therapy through early intervention :) Good luck!

  12. Therapy can do wonderful things for a child and open the door to a brighter future. Sometimes a LO will just need therapy to “catch up” to where they need to be developmentally. It’s therapy through play, and kids actually enjoy it! I’m speaking from experience. Both my daughters received physical therapy for low muscle tone. In the beginning at their diagnosis I feared they would have limitations on their activities during their entire childhood. This was not the case. Early therapy makes it possible for them to participate in whatever they choose. Make sure if your LO requires therapy, that you ask for home exercises and continue with those provided


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