Monday, September 27, 2010

Multitude Monday Vol. 10

I've missed a couple weeks with Ann, still, blessing have been in abundance in our home.

I was at our neighbor's parent's farm today taking some pictures.  The kids went inside for a snack and when I came in not only was I pleased that our children said thank you for all they were given to eat, but I was also really taken with this simple wooden sign that hung over a doorway.  It read:

When life becomes to hard to stand, kneel

I resume my counting:

Friday Morning Mass

Waverly Playdates

Excellent Homilies

Walking to church

The Secret of the Rosary

Littles saying Grace on their own

Beautiful weather weekend

Children just learning how to ride their bikes

Completing overdue errands

Psalms Bible Study

Jump start on weekly cleaning

Jump start on Christmas shopping (I know!)

Photos of the neighbor kids


Old School Living

Work beyond measure

Numbers 197-213 of my 1000 gifts.



  1. We really do share similar lives don't we?!

    I've jump started my Christmas shopping too.

    Love the saying on the wooden sign!

    Have a blessed week!

  2. i really like those bike pics!!!
    your kids are gorgeous!!!


Thanks for letting me know you were here!