Friday, January 29, 2010

The Hair District - Chanhassen

How I miss you girls! 

I've been a stay at home mom for a little over two years now and I love every minute of it!  I must admit though, I've been missing my old friends at The Hair District of Chanhassen lately.  I've never work with a better group of people, women. 

I became a hairstylist in my early 30's.  After "beauty school" I went to a salon where I was an apprentice.  I was paired with Ryan, an amazing hair stylist and person.  I miss him and wonder how he's doing. {Check facebook, friend requested!}  Ryan was moving on from the salon we worked at and I knew that staying at the salon without him wasn't for me.  So I joined my friend Nikki at a salon in Eden Prairie to build clients.  We both knew that we would eventually be renters and work for ourselves but first we had to get clients.  That we did and in a very short amount of time I might add.  After about 8 months we figured we might as well take the plunge and we found the Hair District in Chanhassen to rent from.  If I remember right there are 18 stations and since a few people share stations, (part-time) there were about 24 stylist.

I loved working there.  I thought I'd work there forever.  I never really had any intentions of moving anywhere else.  Renting was the ideal situation as far as I was concerned.  I made my own schedule, set my own prices, I was the boss.  I worked for me.  I loved it!  I loved the clients too! 

Then I met my husband, got married, had a baby and then another.  It was just before Karley was born that we decided it would be best for our family for me to stay home.  Even though I was able to make my own schedule, it had to be one when people could actually come.  That meant nights and possibly some Saturdays.  It just wasn't how we envisioned our family.  Me working two or three evenings and then Adam working the other evenings so he could get all his work done.  Plus he was working Saturdays and so was I.  I'd work the morning and then he'd bring Henry to me and we'd go home and he'd go to work.  Just so we could get the work done.  It just wasn't ideal for our family.  

The way I see it....I had the best job ever.  I always wanted to cut hair.  Why didn't I figure this out after high school?  Really, I had some great jobs prior in the travel field.  I've been to many, many places in the U.S., Europe and I've even set foot in Africa.  Those perks were great but still, nothing compares to being your own boss, being creative and talking to clients/friends all day.  Oh, did I mention Caribou was right next door to the salon?

The best for last. 

The women I worked with were phenomenal.  Superstars!  What made them so special?  We all worked together while working apart, in competition.  It's amazing to think of now, we all wanted the next client walking through the door.  That's how we made money, paid the rent, so to speak.  But it wasn't really like that.  Sure you wish it would have been you that got the client when you didn't but, we were genuinely happy for the other stylist.  It's just how it rolls.  And you didn't have a that was really fun.  We had a nice break room with a dining room table and chairs.  Sweet!  Speaking of sweets....the rule, if you leave it's community property.  Can  you just imagine the food?  Food days....oh man!  Everybody brought something in and we ate!  We ate.  We ate.  It's a good thing we have to stand to do our jobs!  Magazines galore, crafts, crossword puzzles, wedding and baby invitations.  We all knew each others stories, watched each other get married, have babies, move out of town, and sadly for some, move to other salons or as in my case, stay home with kids. 

One of the things that I miss most was that wink across two or three mirrors when you were doing an awesome cut, or when there was a locks for love cut was going on and Karen knew I was almost in tears and hugged me as soon as I was done with my own cut.  Man, the hugs....I miss that!  How many hugs were given in that break room?  There was a sisterhood in the salon that you just don't run across everyday.  While we all celebrated in the good stuff, we were also there in the struggles of life.  It was a great comfort to know you always had a friend, or 20 that would offer words of encouragement, support, hugs, and laughter.  

Encouragement.  An action that was always present.  We all encouraged each other to try new things and to think out of the box.  Praise, oh, the praise.  You heard from your clients {or at least I hope so} but to hear it from your peers, that's the best.  Praise was offered up at every corner, by all and for all.  No jealousy to speak of.  Everybody was important, the receptionist, the stylists, and the salon manager (miss you Trish!).

There may be days that go by that I don't think of these wonderful women {but then again, I get facebook updates on a regular basis from Salina & Morgan (sisters) that crack me up!} but never a week that doesn't go by that I think of them and miss them all.  While I do miss them, if I worked outside our home I would miss my kids more.  Towards the end of my working I would cry on my way to work because I missed Henry and felt like I should be with him.  I am so thankful to my husband for making this all work.

The salon girls, they all were the best people I've ever worked with.  EVAH!

Cheers to you Hair District girls! 

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Priceless Fishers TV Debut

My wonderful friend, Amanda, was on Twin Cities Live yesterday to talk about blogging.  TCL is an afternoon show about this and that of  Minneapolis/St Paul, as well as greater Minnesota.  Amanda offered up my blog as one of the blogs she likes to read.  Thanks Amanda!  You rock!

Here's the link to the show if you'd like to see who Amanda is and what she had to say about blogging.

Oh jus,t thought you would want to know, we are all bundled up here as it's a "birrzzzzyyy coooollldyyyy" -4 degrees F this morning!

Keep warm!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


In the last few weeks I've really noticed some fun changes in Henry.  It's not something I can easily put my finger on except to say that he's changed. 

When Sophie arrived he still very much needed my assistance with ordinary tasks, like putting on his clothes and shoes.  He didn't quite follow directions all the way through.  Actually, he can still get very side tracked.  He couldn't buckle himself in his car seat and the list goes on.

In just the last few weeks, things have changed for Henry and for myself.  He has dressed himself from head to toe and has been so proud to do so.  He announces, "My do it".  We make a big deal that he can do it and I have to admit, it's nice!  I can tend to girls while he helps himself a little.  He is also starting to get into his carseat buckles so all I need to do it push and snap them up.  It is nice. 

I guess in one sense you could say that he is really stepping up to the plate.  Actually, he will bring his dinner plate over to the dishwasher!  I was pretty impressed with that!  He's been really helpful and he's been very loving to his sisters.  I've witnessed him talking to Sophie in baby talk, being very affectionate with her, giving her toys, and today while she's been sick he has stroked her head in a very loving way.  He has been calling Karley "Sis" and has been very dotting and helpful with her as well.  I won't mention that he has also received time-outs today for hitting her.   

Since he's been able to do more, I allow him to do more.  An example would be instead of me getting something for him, say yogurt, I let him get it and take the lid off.  These aren't big huge things, but when I became a mother of three kids all under the age of three, he wasn't able to do too many things on his own.  Maybe that was because he still wanted to need me?  In any case, he's progressing right along.  So sweet and yet so sad.  What can you do?  Just keep going and have as much fun as possible along the way!  Maybe stop to make some brownies?

Speaking of sad, we've also had to tell him what lying & sneaking are all about.  I've had to tell him how Mom & Dad don't like it and neither does Jesus.  That lying is making a bad choice.  It's been hard to actually catch him in a lie.  {That's just great, he's only three and I think it's hard now?}  He will say Karley did something and I am not always sure which one did.  So I don't want to accuse him, especially when we trying to get the message across.  It's a learning curve for all of us.  I can remember a friend telling me, "Your first is always your first, no matter what it is, it's still the first for them and the first for you, no matter how many kids you have".  It's so true.  So there are always things we are learning as well as Henry.  I also expect, as parents, what we do and how we do it could change from the first child to the last.

Henry is such a daily delight for us as well as for his sisters.  He's still my soft blankie, corner sucking, baby.  In my eyes, he will always be my sweet baby boy even if when I really look at him, I realize that he doesn't have any "baby" left.  It is fun to watch him prosper into such a nice young boy even if I cry thinking his baby days are over.  As his parents we look forward to all the fun adventures of camping, bike riding, making forts, looking for frogs and all the other fun things boys his age do.


I love you sweet baby boy!

To leave you with a cute thought.....

Henry: "What are you doing Mom?"

Me: "Making eggs, well I am boiling them" 

Henry:  "You've got to be kidding me Mom!"

Me:  "No Henry, I'm not kidding you"

Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tell Me About: Homeschooling

I read your blogs and wonder how you all do it?  Then I read further and to top it off you home school. 

Homeschooling is a very unfamiliar subject to me.  I went to public school.  I really didn't even know of any kids that were home schooled.  Wait, I had three cousins that were home schooled.  I think way back in my day it was a pretty new thing.  All I remember as a  kid is that when I was having a good time with my friends homeschooling wouldn't have been any fun.  Of course, when I wasn't getting along with a friend homeschooling would be awesome.  I think you might get the picture, school = socializing.  Go figure.

Now as a parent who will be thinking of school in the near future, I still really don't know very much about homeschooling.  Here's what I do know:

  1. I don't think I would be a very good teacher.

That's about all I know.  So would you help me?  Will you tell me about your homeschooling?  I am looking for more than, "it's the best thing ever".  And I am also looking for reasons why somebody wouldn't home-school.

Please tell me:

  1. How long have you been doing it?

  2. How many kids do you have and their ages.

  3. How many hours do you teach a day?

  4. Where do you buy your supplies?

  5. Do you get a tax break for buying your supplies?

  6. Do you swap teaching with other mothers?

  7. If so, what age did you start doing that?

  8. If you have more than one child, what are the other children, not ready for school doing?

  9. How do you keep your kids focused on "school time"?

  10. Do your kids have to meet state guidelines? Or in other words are they tested by a state prepared test to see where they are at?

  11. Have you home-schooled and decided it wasn't for you/them after all? 

  12. If so, why wasn't it for you or them?

  13. Do public/private school some of your children and home-school some?  If so, why?

  14. Is your homeschooling for religious reasons? 

  15. Is it only for religious reasons?

  16. What other reasons?

  17. Do they have social interaction with other kids?  If so, how?

  18. Do you keep a strict schedule?  Do you follow a public/private school schedule (breaks, days off)?

  19. Do you think I have a lot of questions?

I seek to understand more about homeschooling and in no way think negative about anybody who does or does not home-school.  Right now, for me, it's something to think about.  The "homeschooling" we do now are the basics of:  colors, ABC's, coloring, matching, games.  That sort of thing.  But nothing is formal or even at a formal time.  I am thinking it should be started about now.

Looking forward to your replies either via comments below or by my e-mail of:


Monday, January 18, 2010

1-2-3 Imagine with Elmo

Just a few quick photos of our day on Friday.  I thought I, well actually shutterfly, might assemble a little book and give it to the kids for them to have in their room as a reminder of our day together.  I only took my big lens so I didn't really get many pictures of us.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday.  I am 39.  One more year until the big 40.  I can hardly believe it.  The time goes by so fast.  It seems as if I was just graduating high school.  I don't really care about the number anymore.  My only wish is to be young enough for my kids.

The first big bonus to the day was that Adam didn't go to work.  That always makes for a nice day for the kids and I.  We brought Sophie to my friend Susan's for the morning while we took the big kids to see Elmo's In Your Imagination  at the Target Center.  I was so excited to see how Karley would react to seeing something so theatrical with a cast of characters she recognizes.  She sat on Daddy's lap almost the entire time.  I could see how excited she was when Elmo first came out but Adam later told me that when a character would leave she would get sad and cry a little and ask where they went.  How sweet she is. 

{I must remember that she is emotional, more emotional than Henry is.  I wonder, will Sophie be like this?  Is this a girl thing?} 

We had an excellent time.  I wanted to take Sophie but we decided against it as she's at a stage where a lot of stimulation like that makes her cry and she is startled easily.  So it was nice for us that Susan was available and willing.  Thank you Susan!

We made it home for naps and then went to Menard's to get a few items for the play room we are making for the kids.  Thank you sweet husband of mine for having the abilities to make and fix things!  This will alleviate my stress of toys that have overtaken our home.  I might actually be able to walk in the living room!  Take out Chinese for dinner.  Bed for kids and then we sat down to watch the movie. We bagged the movie about 10 minutes in.  I went on to edit pictures from the day and Adam started looking for a camper for us.  I so hope we get one.  I love camping.  I love camping.  I love camping.

On my birthday I think a lot of my own mother.  A few times I've sent flowers to my Mom on my birthday.  I thank my Mom & Dad, but truthfully more my Mom, for making the decisions she made.  I thank my paternal grandparents for the choices they made.  My Mom was young, very young when she had me.  Seventeen.  I think, she might have been sixteen when she found out she was pregnant, turned seventeen in June, had me in January and then the following June would have turned eighteen.  Is that right?  She had choices and I know her own parents didn't make keeping a baby an easy choice, to say the least.  My Mom and Dad married and lived with my Dad's parents.  I was born.  In 1971.  Thing were a lot different.  My Grandpa had to ask the small town (I mean small) school principal to allow my Mom to continue high school.  They did.  1971.  Not usual.  My Dad got a job and did not go to college which he would have excelled in.  He kept that job for 38 years and just retired.  All these choices were for me.  I can't help but cry (I do that a lot lately).  My parents were brave.  They faced hard choices when they were so young.  I thank them.  I love them for what they did for me. 

So my birthday isn't just for me or about me.  It's also about the day that they brought a baby into this world.  They started learning about parenthood.  They, at such a young age, gave up dreams and goals they had, to raise me. 

She chose life. 

She gave me my life. 

I think about giving birth to my own children.  I think about being in the hospital with them. 

So, on my birthday and the days following, I thank my young parents and my young grandparents, for welcoming me into this world. 

Thank you wonderful husband for making my day so special, thank you kids for being my kids, thank you Mom and Dad and thanks to Grandparents!

I love you all!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Seven Things About Me - Award

I just got this award from Three Kids and a Minivan.  Thanks for thinking of me Kelly!

Here are seven things about me:

1.  I am a licensed in cosmetology.

2.  I have a motorcycle endorsement on my driver's license.

3.  I can run a skid loader.

4.  I want to learn more about photography (really?)

5.  I almost always wear black or white.

6.  I love my family.

7.  I love Jesus.

This list has not been compiled by order of importance.

Now, I'd like to award to:

1.  Amanda

2.  Tiffany

3. Tress

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The OTHER Pictures

I found this fun idea from Lynette at Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground and had to do this.  You know, because I am all about pictures lately!

Join in......

My kids like to wear my warm socks as mittens...I don't know what's up with that?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday, January 11, 2010


I realized I had yet to post about our Christmas.  It was quite a different Christmas for us this year.  Our plans changed considerably due to the snow storm we had in Minnesota.  We were supposed to travel to spend the 23rd & 24th with my family and then come home so our kids could wake up in their beds on Christmas morning. 

Since Adam plows snow he had to stay here to plow.  How this could ever be I do not know, but he has had to plow four out the five years that we have been together.  In  years past I've gone ahead on my own but this year I didn't want to get stranded Up North on Christmas Eve so we decided we would all stay home.

Adam plowed overnight on the 23rd, 24th, 25th & the 26th.  So with that many nights of plowing the days were mostly spent sleeping.

I took the kids to church myself on Christmas Eve.  I was a little nervous about this as Mass was at 5:15 PM.  Yikes.....dinner time?  Our wonderful friends the Matter's offered to help me out.  I was so relieved!  I sat with them and Karley was all about sitting with her Godmother Kris! 

Karley wore this cutie pie hat during the entire service.  So cute.  Can I say that?  Yes, I think I can, right?

Yes, Christmas was very different this year.  We were still all together and healthy so I am still very thankful. 

I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Friday, January 8, 2010

DIY - Women's Edition

I really  intended to go to bed early last night.  But one thing, then one more, followed by yet another and it was 11:00 PM.  That's not exactly good for me, especially as I type this right now.  I could hear Sophie wrestling around in her crib.  She was so on my mind after the thoughts of Anne Marie and prayers for Susie.  I just had to go and get her and bring her in with me.  I should mention here that Adam was out plowing.  The last time Susie and Anne Marie were so heavy in my heart was also when Adam was out plowing, Christmas night. 

Sophie and I couldn't quite figure out how to sleep together.  She's such a wonderful sleeper on her own I worried that I would be in her way.  She still loves her arms up with her hands by her ears.  I so cherish this.  I never want that to stop even though I know one day it will. 

We figured it out and we finally slept.

Until Adam came home.  2:30 AM.  I heard him going downstairs and then to the kitchen.  Is he making a pizza?  Is that what he was doing downstairs?  No.  He repeated going up and down.  Then I knew what it was.  I knew when I talked to him on the phone at 10:00 PM my feeling of it being drafty in the house wasn't just me, it was drafty in the house.  Our furnace was out.  It was cold, very cold outside.  Adam was manually starting the furnace.  Then it would run for a short time and then go out again.  Now what?  Well, he crawled in with the other two kids and I snuggled up with my Sugar Pie Sophie.  He'll have to wait to fix it in the morning.

I awoke when Adam was leaving for work.  He asked if I would go get the part for the furnace and install it.  WHAT?  Me, install something that goes in a furnace?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  It's the furnace.

I immediately thought of my sister.  I knew I could do it.  I even wondered if I could trump* her.  It's the furnace after all.

Adam continued to manually start the furnace for as long as he was here and then we were without heat, well, not entirely.  But it was all up to ME to get it comfortable in here!  We made do.  Once all the kids were up I moved the space heater into our room.  I made homemade blueberry muffins (anything to add a little heat) and we had a picnic.

When we left the house this was the temperature.  Inside is on the upper right corner.  Outside is the large number front and center!

I took the part I was replacing and off we went to Countyside Heating and Cooling.  Who I might add have quite the selection of fireplaces and customer services was superb!

We made one more stop for some paint.  That, I hope, will be another post.  Then home to fix the furnace.

Here's the sadness of our freezing.

Here's the part.

This is the beauty of heat.

Wrap her back up.

So where's the DIY in this post?  Get the part, screw two screws back in, plug the white thing in the thing and then turn the furnace on.  Oh, and don't forget, per Countryside, "Do not touch the ceramic filter". 

Pretty simple.

*Dear sister:  You still hold the lead of changing the tire on your jeep with Krista's spare tire while your kids, Krista and her kids, watched.  Oh, and I didn't forget, this was at the hotel, by the airport on the day night you got back from Orlando.  {bowing down}

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Yeah! Another Award!

Thank you Tammy for another award!

I was asked to list ten things that make me happy.

Here they are:
1.  My husband
2.  Henry
3.  Karley
4.  Sophie
5.  The look of love on my husband's face
6.  A clean house
7  Time with my family
8.  Being well rested
9.  Fitting into all my clothes (remember I've been pregnant for almost three years straight and I'm still working at getting the old me back)
10. Blogging & Picture taking

Now to pass this on to ten others.

1.  Holly
2.  Shay
3.  Sherri
4.  Tress
5   Kim
6.  Brianne
7.  Catherine
8.  Sarah
9.  Lori

Have fun!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Giveaway - Winner Announcement

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  Thank you for participating in the online toys giveaway!

Jolene, you are the winner! :) Contact me and we'll get you your prize.

In case you are wondering.....I used for this contest.

Many thanks to Toys and Games Online for sponsoring the giveaway.

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