Monday, August 29, 2011

Heart Treasured Letter

On days when we don't go anywhere, we like to stretch our legs {Gizmo too} by taking a walk to the post office.  It seems like such a treat to have mail delivered right to your door, but the real treat for us is our postmaster, Ms. Mary. 

Ms. Mary mailed our wedding invitations, but she took an interest in seeing them before they were sealed.  She hand stamped them all {there weren't that many since we had a small small wedding} for me.  She has gazed at our babies, their announcements, and as soon as they have been able, she gives them suckers.  She always asks me first if they can have suckers, which I really appreciate.  I also make it a point that we don't always get suckers so as they only think of visiting her to get treats, after all, it's a treat just to see her.

Today when we walked up the hill we met Ms. Mary on the street.  She likes to walk on her lunch break.  We chatted for a minute and the dog barked {grrrr!}, I asked her if I had a package today.  She smiled and gave me the nod, something was in the locker for me.  Something I've been, sort of, patiently waiting for.  Oh sweetness!

The kids got the key for the locker out of the box and sailed off to find locker 343.  I checked the regular bills and was so overtaken to find this envelope. from my sponsored friend, Ryan James.  I had chills all over, I was teary just thinking about what my letter would look like.  A picture, maybe his name, but not knowing what a five year old boy from the Philippines could send me.

This was special so I asked the kids if they wanted to go to the church.  I thought we could sit outside the House of Jesus, on His lawn, while we saw the fruits of the Holy Spirit unfold before our eyes.  It was a struggle to find a spot we could all agree on, sun, shade, wet grass, concrete sidewalk, and keep the dog quiet. 

We finally managed to find sunny sidewalk by wet shaded grass and opened our letter.  At first glance I see the letter is written by an adult.  My thoughts were an interpreter, but I was wrong.  The letter came from our sponsored child's mother, Ms. Wenifreda.
I read aloud to the kids as much as I could manage as my eyes welled with water.  She has said for now, she will write on behalf of her son as he does not know how to write.  She thanks me for choosing her son as our sponsored child, for my kind generosity, may we have a great friendship, and may God Bless me.

I think of how God has blessed abundantly.  I wonder what if we didn't see or hear this call?  Or, if we didn't answer it?  We would be the ones suffering.  We wouldn't feel this full.  We, as parents, would miss the opportunity to teach our children.  It certainly is more than money.  

I have been so touched by a mother's heart across the world, my new friend, a mother of six, raising kids on her own. 

May the Lord bless her and keep her,
May the Lord shine his face upon her and be gracious to her.
May the Lord look upon her kindly and give her peace.  ~ Nm 6: 24-26

We are so abundantly grateful for the opportunity to have a sponsored child.  Thank you CFCA, thank you Ms. Wenifreda, and most important, thank you Holy Spirit for having touched our lives.

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  1. I love getting letters in the mail from our sponsored child too! It is a blessing to be able to bless another child. To have the letter be written by the child's mother, that is an extra blessing. Thanks for sharing!

  2. this IS beautiful...
    thnk you for sharing!


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