Friday, August 5, 2011

Seven Quick Takes ~ Unknown Volume

Another Summer week has flown by and here are Seven Quick Takes to tell you about our week.

Karley had another doctor visit today for her tonsils.  They were swollen and icky beyond swollen and icky so I brought her in this morning.  I have now learned that now that she has had mono her tonsils will most likely be swollen and susceptible to tonsillitis or strep for about a year.  She was swabbed and got a laceration {due to the tonsils being so vascular} and she was bleeding.  That was very alarming to see.  I had no idea.  The bleeding stopped so we didn't have to go see an ENT.  Praise God.  She is on mush food and liquid for the next few days.  Poor baby. 

Sophie is still going strong with the potty training.  She is afraid of any potty other than the ones in our home.  Public bathrooms are going to be tricky and she isn't a fan of my traveling potty either.   I expect accidents due to this.  Thankfully we didn't experience one at the doctors office, but I was ready.

Adam and Henry are going to the Demolition Derby at our County Fair tonight.  On Sunday we will all go so the kids can go on rides.  We didn't go to the fair last year but we did two years ago, just after Sophie was born. 

I joined Snap Fitness this week.  I am excited to lift weights and to run on a more regular basis.  While running outside is preferred, once the Fall and Winter arrive I won't be able to run outside.  My usual running times are later at night or early in the morning so Snap Fitness will be better for my schedule.

Adam has been really busy at work and now that our extended driveway has been asphalted he can move ahead with the next phase or our landscaping.  That will include grading, seeding and making a dog kennel alongside our shed.  Then it's moving on to another landscaping project that will need to get completed before the snow falls. 

With my husband's approval I've given up on local extreme couponing.   There are a few reasons for this, 1.  It takes a lot of time 2. Frequently Costco has the same price no coupon necessary and they have the best produce and fruit bar none.  {we do a lot of shopping at Costco} 3. It is further to drive than any other store I would shop at {minus Costco, but quite frequently Adam goes after work since it's right by his work.  Plus my neighbor and I have been shop swapping}.  3.  A lot of the products that a person can get for free, or close to it, aren't the products I want to feed my family anymore.  We eat a great deal of unprocessed food and the things that are processed I am careful about what the ingredients are.  An example would be no high fructose corn syrup.  There are a few things that I still get {pasta} that aren't the best but I can still get those cheap enough to negate driving/coupon time/buying the paper for extreme couponing.   I quit buying cereal a few months ago.  What is cereal?

Henry has been enjoying the soccer for the past few weeks.  He looks so cute out there.  During the game he runs after the ball but I don't know if he's actually even kicked the ball during a game.  My sweet boy doesn't know that he can actually take the ball away from the opposing team.  He just happily runs with the rest of the kids after the ball.  He enjoys it and I am glad listens well to his coach.  It's just so cute to see these little souls blossoming.  Speaking of blossoming, yesterday morning first thing he said to me upon waking, "Mom, I grew last night".  I bet you did son, I bet you did.

PS.  I have since relized jean shorts aren't proper soccer attire

Hope you have a great weekend!!

God Bless!


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  1. number six.. i completely agree.. i'll watch that show sometimes, and it AMAZES me the time they put into it.. sure they're saving money- but hardly spending time with the fam!!

    have a happy wkend!!

  2. I gave up on couponing a long time ago too. Once I realized that most of the foods I could get really cheap were NOT foods I would normally buy, I stopped. It just was not worth the time and money.

    The soccer photos are so cute!

  3. I feel so bad for Karley. No fun! I had mono when I was sixteen and if aweful. Hopefully she feels better soon.

    I agree about the couponing. My neighbor was doing it for a while but none of the stuff she got was food or products we use. Over processed, over chemicaled and over scented- Yuck!

    Extreme gardening is more up my alley. ;)

  4. "What is cereal?"

    Cereal: noun. A breakfast food that young kids can get for themselves.


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