Thursday, August 4, 2011

She's Trained....

....or very very close to it. 

I am in complete amazement.  I would say Sophie is pretty much potty trained and with little help from her mother.  I wasn't even ready to venture down this road quite yet.  I was thinking Sophie would be more like Karley around 26 months or even Henry at 28 months.  They are each their own. 

She started showing interest last Thursday and we let her sit on the potty.  She sat and sat, and sat more.  Nothing.  This is about what the other two did so I just figured it was wanting to be like everybody else, not really understanding what to do.  I didn't think she'd by like my nieces who were both trained within two weeks of their second birthday.  That was amazement to me.

But her interest kept going.  Then on Sunday she actual used the potty.  {I should also note that she doesn't have any interest in a small potty or a ring for the large toilet.  Both items were used in the past with the other two littles.}  I attributed this to chance but decided to keep close to home this week, just in case. 

Monday only proved a lot of laundry and that's what I expected.   Tuesday I thought would be the day we would go back to diapers.  {Actually, I did go back to a diaper when we went to soccer.}  When we came home, Soph just pulled the diaper off to sit on the potty.  Okay, I guess she's going to keep going.

Wednesday, she was more hit than miss and I must admit all this was her own doing.  I often forget to ask, get distracted {I am sure you mothers know how this goes} and then accident has already happened.  What could I expect but a few accidents?  All in all, I'd say we were at about 65%. 

Today, has proven to be even better.  I can actually say, we aren't going back.  I will live through accidents and start traveling with a little potty again.  {Having a large vehicle makes it nice to carry a small potty.  Especially since it would take forever to find a restroom, unbuckle all three before I figured out she needed to "go"}.

I take zero credit for this.  She's been the driving force.  And I am ever so thankful we are moving out of diapers! 

My almost two year old.

God Bless!


4 Sweet Comments:

  1. Congratulations! I'm slowly working with my baby but I get busy and forget, Oh well, it will happen.

  2. wow..
    ALMOST two year old..
    she is doing fantastic!!

  3. Before Anan turned two, she was always asking to go on the potty just like Amanda. OFten she was dry and would go. But I just wasn't ready to go all out. Finally, I did. I figured it was a good time since I didn't plan on venturing very far from home with the nausea. It's gone fairly well. She's pretty consistent with staying dry. Now number #2 is another atory. She's pretty consistent about still using a diaper during naptime or bedtime.

    Oh well, it's nice to have a few less diapers to wash each day. Tali wants to get into the act, too, but has yet to actually go in the potty.

  4. By the way, I love her sweet little face!


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