Friday, September 2, 2011

Nun, Nun What?

I have had the luxury of attending morning Mass twice this week.  My Littles have been enjoying one last Summer hurrah at my sister's, three hours away, playing with cousins, Auntie, Grandmas & Grandpas. 

I have had three days of eerie silence and mad cleaning, organizing and purging.  Still, it's not completed, but at least a dent has been made.  Adam and I have had the blessing of two date nights in three days. 

Back to yesterday at mass....just prior to Mass starting a nun sat amongst us in the pew up and across from me.  {This, no doubt, was the same nun I saw one day walking down the street in the little town Henry goes to school in.  I wanted to stop her last Spring but had to get Henry to school and then she was gone.  I am sure she was on her way to morning Mass.}  Yesterday, she sat with her sister {who I sort of know from VBS} and her Mom.  She is simply beautiful.  I just had to meet her.

Meet her I did.  I asked her about her vocation, how she came to be a Sister.  Found out she is actually, Mother Mary Clare, not Sister, and is 32.  I believe there are seven in her community all of whom have professed vows of poverty, chastity and obedience.  Besides living a very structured life, they live off Divine Providence.  Meaning, they trust God will provide for what they need. 

The sisters visit the sick, teach CCD (Confraternity of Christian Doctrine) classes, are planning a family camp this summer, sing for Masses, wash and iron linens for Mass, and are willing to serve wherever they are needed.
There is also time during the day to do things the sisters enjoy like riding bikes, playing Ultimate Frisbee, and going on picnics. No matter what the activity, all of the sisters remain in their habits until 10 p.m. when the lights go out.

In the last couple of weeks Henry has asked what a nun is.  We went round and round nun, nun what?, {nun = nothing}.  He didn't get it so I asked her to take a picture with me so he could see what a nun dressed in full habit looks like.  I also asked Mother if we could come and visit her at the convent once they were all settled into their new residence.  So, God willing we will take a field trip later this Fall or Winter.

What a great morning I had yesterday!

God Bless!

I referenced a local newspaper article for portions of this, strictly for more information on Mother Mary Clare's order.  I am not linking do to privacy reasons.

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