Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Two weeks ago we were visiting my sister and her kids for Hannah's birthday.  I wanted to go to Mass where we got married.  I thought it would be great to visit the priest and have him meet our kids.  I was saddened for us to hear that he had retired, but of course, happy for him.  So we decided to go to church at my sister's church. 

God is this good:

A priest walks into the sanctuary, guess who it was?  Yes, the priest who married us!  I couldn't even believe it.  Of course, I hailed him down after Mass, and introduced the kids to him and told him of how I had hoped to see him at the neighboring town's church as our anniversary was coming up and thought it would be great to see him and the church.  He said he was still living in the area but would be moving soon.  He said he thought he would go to Mass elsewhere so he could give the new priest some space.  Just so sweet.  Made my day!

God is that good!

Happy Anniversary Dear Husband!

I love you more today then the day I met you, the day we were married and after each of our children were born.  I will love you more tomorrow and each day thereafter. 

I truly thank God for allowing me to be your wife. 

I think Mama C said it best!

I love you Adam!

5 Sweet Comments:

  1. Happy anniversary! Hope you get to do something fun! God bless - Holly

  2. Happy your pictures! So beautiful! and God is VERY what happened...only He can make things like that happen so perfectly, right? Congratulations and may the Lord grant you MANY MORE HAPPY ones with your Beloved! Blessings always. +JMJ+ Erika

  3. Happy Anniversary!! That story about your priest, gave me goosebumps!! I'm glad you got to see him, how very special. I'm sure it made his day too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, nice to "meet" you!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! What a wonderful blessing and surprise for you! God is indeed so good!


  5. What a great story - I know it's wrong to call it a coincidence to have run into the priest who married you but ... it's divine no matter how it happened! Enjoyed the poem too! Happy anniversary.


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