Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Hat, The Heart & 2012 Thoughts

"Hailey, do you want to be the Hat?"  Me, I liked to be the Horse.  Tonya, she liked the be the Shoe.  Oh, what memories that brings for me.  We have my sister's girls this weekend while she is on call at the hospital.  The kids have so much fun when they get together.  We have a few things planned but for the most part they just play.  On our way home from getting the girls, we stopped at Wally World.  I felt like the mother of a large family with five kids in tow.  I did hear something about a "tribe of kids". 

Advent was somewhat sad for me, until I met with my Spiritual Director.  I thought I had failed miserably but He helped me understand what I should have been looking for, what I really did receive and how to accept those graces.  To slow down, take time to reflect.  During our conversation he showed me how God had worked through the people in my life, the support I received, all the grace I'd been given.  I too often overlook this.  I need to see the miracles of grace in ALL things, right there for me.  It is, by the grace of God, that I listened to the whisper in my ear nudging me to make that call a year and a half ago asking for spiritual direction.   Thanks be to God {and SD to his Yes}!

During Advent I wrote about heart troubles I was having.  I am very happy to say that mechanically everything turned out fine.  I unexplainably, regularly, have PVC's and some PAC's??  And I can hardly believe the results of my lipids.  I really wondered if they were my results.  This is great, however, it's not a green light to eat bad.  I am still going to eat more fruits and vegetables.  {I'm very bad about this for myself, what can I say, I like sea salt potato chips.}  I'll be watching animal fats, switching oils, limiting cholesterol and focusing on better foods in general.  I hope to be posting more about what foods that will be.  For example, I've heard time and time again one teaspoon on cinnamon a day is great for your heart.  I've added that with my coffee {1/4 tsp is about all I can do, but it's a daily start}.  We don't eat terrible, but definitely room for improvement.

For a matter of record here are my lipids:

The first number was taken in November 2010, the second in December 2011 {I'd also like to add for the record, I am on the low side for my weight range but my BMI is still high.  I'd still like to shed eight pounds to be at an optimal weight.  This is what you'd call family history.}

HDL Cholesterol:  58/50
LDL Cholesterol:  164/125
Triglycerides:  144/112
Blood Sugar:  NA/92
Total Cholesterol:  251/197

Now, somehow, I need to work on my blood pressure as that is high.

I'm making lists, or rather still formulating on how to shape the next year.  That sounds funny, like I have control or something.  Really what I mean to say is that I am deciding on what books to read {somewhat}, how to spend my time {somewhat}, what bad habits I'd like to try and break, what good habits I'd like to start.  In doing so, I've been hearing the words of my SD and then read a great article that gave more insight.   More on that later, I still have a few hours to form this all up!

Time to get crack-a-lackin'.

Happy New Year!

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  1. I have never seen Cholesterol #s written like that with two numbers . . . which number is your reading the top or the bottom? My cholesterol is on the higher end and exercising and totally changing how I ate really took care of it. But, Cholesterol is a difficult thing because so much of it is genetic. My Dad eats horribly and has great #s, while my Mom eats really well and her #s are very high. I am praying for you and hope you find answers soon.

    BTW- what kind of running shoes does your sister wear? Curious as to how they helped with her IT band issues.


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