Monday, December 5, 2011

Tulips in December

We've had our first snow and won't see things flower for quite some time.  I always miss happy flowers. 

When I was a hair stylist after Christmas the salon seemed so dreary until my birthday when flowers would come.  So one year middle January, I decided I would get fresh flowers each week to bring that happy flower feel to my corner of hair.  I so loved going to the florist to see what she created for me.

Being a stay at home mom of three, when I have an extra five dollars out and about, it's generally for coffee to keep up with my Littles.  My husband is so kind to bring flowers out of the blue every so often, so I do get that happy flower feel once in awhile.

Then last week Silk Plants Direct was kind enough to send me one of their beautiful silk flower arrangements.   Tulips are one of my favorite flowers.  I wish they lasted all summer long, now they will, all winter long too!  It's white outside but inside I view these pretties.

Silk Plants Direct also has gorgeous poinsettias if you are looking for something for Christmas and, if you're like me, a blog to help you with ideas.

Thank you Silk Plants Direct!

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