Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Catch Up


Not my belief & I find it rather humorous.



3.17.11 ~ droid

3.17.11 same photo zoomed ~ droid


3.20.11 Cheers Grandpa ~ droid



Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet the Newest Family Member

Meet Gizmo, the newest member of our family.


Yes, I am cRaZy!  I have officially entered back into up every couple of hours (I don't even think our new babies were not up as much as this little puppy), and potty training at the same time.  Then there's the constant watching for fear of an accident of the messy kind or the children doing something that wouldn't be good for the dog. 

I only say children because we amazingly got a puppy who is very very tolerable.  Sophie loves to manage the puppies food while he's eating and Gizmo doesn't care a single bit.  Sophie is not too fond of Gizmo checking out her blankie & puppy, they are clearly hers and she's not sharing.  He loves to be around us and is adjusting to missing dog family quite well.  Piper & Gizmo are fast friends too. 

Hoping for a speedy training period!

Monday, March 14, 2011

In Peace

Yesterday and today were the days I thought I'd be storming the Manor House with prayer.  I wasn't sure what I was going to say so I found passages in the Bible, found suggested prayers for the dying.  I printed them out, I was ready to help ease his mind of any fear, tell him all about the love Jesus has for him, sit with him and be whatever comfort I could.   
After a doctor visit on Thursday that only delivered news of sadness, followed by a Friday afternoon visit with a hospice counselor, I think my Grandpa surrendered his weary body for the life everlasting.  My Dad, who was not just a son to Grandpa but a genuine friend, sat with him Friday evening and then shortly after Dad left, he breathed his last in this world and took his first in the next.

While I am sad that I wasn't able to see Grandpa "Snaz" yesterday and today, I am also happy that he is no longer suffering.  I could only have told him all about the love and forgiveness of our Saviour, now he'll know it first hand.  Through it all, I find gratitude all around and while I was sure my purpose was to sit with Grandpa and offer an abundance of prayer one last time, I am humbled reminded of God's timing.

We will miss our Father, Grandfather & Great-Grandfather  who was full of life, loving, caring, joyful, selfless, charismatic, spunky, and patient, among many other wonderful attributes.  Through the many tears we will also be happy for his new life.  A life where he can continue on without all the pains and burdens of our world.  We will look forward to seeing Grandpa and Grandma again one day.

Thank you all for your prayers and support to me and my family.  If you pray for the departed I would be very grateful for your continued prayers.

In the Peace of Christ and His Blessed Mother,


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Photo Catch Up

Photos I have taken this week for the Photo of the Day Challenge.

POD 3.6.11

POD 3.7.11

POD 3.8.11

POD 3.9.11

POD 3.10.11

POD 3.11.11

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Start to Finish Popcorn

Start to finish popcorn.  
Well almost start.

POD 3.5.11

As you can see by my choice of dishes to use in the photographs, I am neither a food blog nor a food photographer.  The purpse would only be to show my kids one day that we really did make the popcorn from othe apple orchard. 

I recommend eating popcorn from your local grocer.  It didn't make a lot and wasn't very fluffy.  Overall taste wasn't bad though, I suppose that could have been thanks to the butter and salt you can see on the sides of the bowl?

Friday, March 11, 2011


When I see that he's ringing me I never know which way to answer the phone, "HI Dad!" or Hi, Dad?"  I'm a bit reserved for the next question, "How's it going?"  That's the big tell sign.  Today, was a "Well, I guess it's going".  Or something like that.  All I can remember is that he didn't say it was going good, okay, or fine.

I learn today that last night my Dad brought my Grandpa to the emergency room.  He's not able to keep any food down and this has been going on for about two weeks, sometimes not so bad but lately it's been happening more and more.  All this makes Grandpa either scared to eat or he simply doesn't have any desire.  This is not a good sign that his anti nasuea medication isn't working anymore.  I can't remember if he's going to get a new medication that is sometimes prescribed to cancer patients or he is going to go off that one to try another. 

I do remember that the lasix medication is going to be stopped.  This is the medication that helps what little kidney function is left.  He's home now and there will be another doctor visit tomorrow to discuss medications along with hospice care.

Wait.  Think.  Wonder.  It's hard to be three hours away from family.  When can I get there one?  Will we be able to pray together?  What should we pray about? 

My Grandpa is old now, but he still thinks young.  He still has things he wants to do.  He wants to be baker.  He wants to travel.  He wants to watch great grandchildren play.  He wants to drive.  He wants to feel the warm sun on his face.  He wants to laugh.  He wants to reminisce.  He wants to smile.  He wants to feel good.

He does not want to die.

I don't know what to say.  I keep saying, praying it will make a difference.  

Days after I first penned this post I have one thing figured out, I am going to sit with him in a few days. 

Thank you dear husband for working extra hard these last days of the week to be home an extra day next week.

The oldest & youngest

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Lenten Adventure 2011

I think I've been waiting for Lent to arrive.  For about a month my mind has been thinking of things I would like to do for Lent this year.  I also wanted to take the time to go back and look at what I did last year.  Was that ever something to read and reflect upon.  Some changes in myself and some things I still struggle with (meal planning?!).

Yes, meal planning has been back in my thoughts again and what was even crazier was that I was thinking of keeping some toys for Sophie until Fall (which would have been six plus months ago) and I still have them. 

Here is what I am planning for Lent this year:

Of Course Ash Wednesday, All Fridays my kids & I will abstain from eating meat.  I will also fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday.  Like last year I will also give up facebook & twitter.  I will blog, answer e-mails and use the web but all on a limited basis.  The books are stacking up, therefor, I will abstain from buying any more books during Lent. 
I am hit or miss on morning & evening prayers but seem to make noon prayers.  I only remember noon prayers with the help of an alarm otherwise I am sure this too would escape me.  So I am thankful for the alarm.  So for Lent I will say morning prayers, noon prayers, evening prayers and an examination of conscience, daily. 

As I mentioned earlier, we do have toys to give even though I didn't think so.  I am also going to really look at my closet before I  put winter clothing away (should be soon, no?).  We will be going through our food, kitchen items, clothing and toys and passing things along to others.  Another item on our list is to visit the elderly.  I have checked into visiting a couple of local nursing homes but really haven't had much for response.  I mentioned it to Fr. Tony during my meeting with him and he is looking into something for us.  So I think we will be adding that some time during Lent. 

Scriptural Reading:
I am going to read from different parts of the Bible using The Better Part to guide me for Lenten passages.  I plan on doing the mediation exercises and journaling my way through this. 

There is it!  I have to say that it feels good to have an actual plan.  I am going to go back and make a plan for the Year of Prayer so I have a few concrete goals and things don't get left by the wayside {because, uh, I never start things and don't finish them!}. 

If you are preparing for Easter by way of Lent, what are you doing?

Have a blessed Lent!

Monday, March 7, 2011


I'm close to half way, or perhaps a little over half way and I think I've only just begun realizing that He's everywhere.  Jesus isn't just in the books I read but rather in the heart of those who allow Him in. 

It's my desire that my children will always have a place for Jesus in their hearts and so I strive to bring them to Him in every way that I can.  I read books to them, bring them to Mass and teach them about what the Mass really means, pray with them, for them, teach them about the miracles of Jesus.  

Perhaps there is something missing though.  When I write this list, about little girls giggling, the three of them playing together, am I really seeing Jesus present or just getting a warm fuzzy feeling of how great my life is?  I'm not really sure and this is why I won't be finished at 1000.  Am I seeing wonderful things or the wonder of God in all things?  Am I thankful or giving thanks?  Grateful for good or gratitude for everything?  Should I be striving so they see Jesus or live so they see Him?

Numbers 638-679

Little girl giggles
Family Bible Story Time
Littlest pushing trains across kitchen floor
Husband home early from work
Watching all three play together
Securing a babysitter
Encouragement to run
Breakfast with Daphne
Husband home early for dinner (is such a blessing it has to be counted more than once)
Being able to call my Mom
Being able to call my sister
Finishing chapter 1 - Courageous Generosity
Courageous Generosity for Women Bible Study
Fellowship with Mrs. S & Co.
New opportunities for Adam
Spiritual Direction meeting
Movie night with kids
Slumber party in the living room with kids
More Lenten ideas coming together
Movie night with husband
Collaborative parenting
Living in the day present
Smooth morning getting ready for church (15 minutes to spare!)
Hearing homily
Donuts for all
Special day with Karley...
...Disney on Ice
...Book Store
Seeing friends
Dinner made by Adam
Brother Bear missing us
Warm greetings upon arrival home
Printed Rule
Sale on four new books
Beautiful weekend
Karley's "God is Love" cross she made
Cookie baking with the littles

POD 3.4.11

Joining Ann for One Thousand Gifts.

Friday, March 4, 2011

School Transportation

Yesterday after I dropped Henry off at school the girls and I met my beautiful sister-in-law for breakfast and a haircut.  It was really nice to meet and catch up.  The girls were very excited to see Auntie "Daffy"  What a treat it was to do this!  I hope we do it again! 

On my way home I decided to pull over and snap this picture at the high school in town.  Adam went to this same high school and each time I see these sleds parked on the hill I wonder if my husband rode a sled to school?  Even if he didn't, I think of the sleds parked there and imagine Adam, Dan, Nathan, Skippy, Brad and whoever else they ran with them and all of their stories. 

Adam is still friends with all of these guys and all the wives are friends too.  Actually, we are all getting together in a week for a birthday celebration! 

Kind of cool to ride into school and I can only imagine the ride home!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Next 100 Days

Last week my friend Holly and her three blessings came over for a playdate.  We seem to have inspired one another to change three things for 100 Days.  I started shortly after the new year but one of the things on my list wasn't really attainable for me.  It is kind of hard to do some random act of kindness when there are days on end that I don't leave the house.  Don't laugh, it's true, we love being home.  Of course, this will change once the weather warms but it's hard to think of random things under this one roof. 

So I have now revised the list and instead of a random act of kindness {random act is now a thought for Lent} I decided to plug in to keep my counter tops clean of stuff.  You know, papers, toy car wheels, princess crowns, timers, cookbooks, lists, cameras, coupons and the like.  They all make their home my kitchen counter top and make the kitchen look, ah, less clean?  So, on the list it goes.

The second item on the list is to take a photo a day.  Back to the beginning.  Please forgive, some of these photos are going to be with my phone camera, you just never know when something photo-worthy is going to prevent itself.


The last item on the list is to read from the Bible to the kids every day.  We have been hit and miss.  Adam has been joining the reading when we do it at night which is awesome.  It really helps with managing Sophie during this time.  She would really rather read a book that features only pictures of animals on hard board.  This makes for an interesting Bible reading time. 

As you can see, Miss Sophie enjoys animal board books so much she likes to read it to Mary in the strangest of places.



Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday ~ Karley Jane

It sneaks up so quickly, she's three now.  It's a cliche, and so true, the days are long but the years are short.  Three years.

Karley celebrated by having a princess party, a barbie looking princess cake, a lot of cousins and some friends at our home.  Auntie Tonya, Hailey & Hannah came on Friday to spend the whole weekend.  Gram and Grandpa came on Saturday afternoon and the rest of the gang came on Saturday for the party.

A side note:  At the last party Adam asked why I don't just have the cake made?  I have no clue as to why I struggled along with cakes only to have my sister finish them anyway.  So this birthday, we had the cake made.  Was that ever a relief.  Hats off to all those who know how to create such beautiful cakes!  I'm not one.  I'm okay with that.  Such a relief.

A couple of days after her party we went to the local pizza joint for Adam's birthday.  After eating the kids played along with a couple of kids we didn't know.  Karley was very excited to tell the little girl, "I'm three and I got a V Reader for my birthday".  My guess is she really likes the V Reader.  I'm super glad because I want them to love books like I do.

On her actual birthday we went to the Rainforest Cafe for dinner followed by a few rides at Nickelodeon.  They were so cute on the rides, my heart just melted many times over.

Since we already had cake earlier in the week Karley thankfully opted for ice cream cones for all.  We sat at a table ate our ice cream and I just thought about how blessed I am.  Listened to the kids talk, congratulated Karley for naming letters in the store signs, time froze and it was wonderful.  Just sitting as a family eating ice cream as the world goes by.  I am blessed.  God is good.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Living Where I Was

Upon leaving I realized that I had lived fully right where I was.  I did not intend to, not really.  It's the goal these days, to live intentionally but when I set out for the weekend I didn't say, "I'm going to live intentional all weekend with my family".  

When I didn't pack my book back with all the books I've ever wanted to read, I was in the right direction.  I didn't know it though.  I only knew that I should be realistic and understand from all trips past, I hardly read a thing.  This time I realized, hardly reading was a good thing.  A really good thing.

Instead of longing to sit and read books, I sat with my little friend who adores me.  Who I didn't have to try and hold while cooking dinner.  Instead, I just held her while my sister or Mom cooked dinner.  I sat with my sister and we wasted time on our computers, side by side, enjoying each other's tired company knowing wasting time was all we were up for.  Instead of wishing I was lounging on a couch reading a book, I delighted in the afternoon, with my sister and Melissa at the Women's Expo, shopping and enjoying happy hour, while my Mom was Gram to five.  I didn't even think of books only what a great time I was having in the moment I was in.

I realized these graces as I said my good-byes.  It was a great weekend.  I love my family and am extremely blessed to have the one that I do. 

Eucharist means first of all "thanksgiving"
CCC #1360
Two weeks of blessings ~ numbers 585 - 638

Watching mother & child swing endlessly from my kitchen window at the park across the way
Morning Rosary
Four Mile Moonlight Run
Two Clean (no papers or "things") Counter tops
Day Completed According to My Rule
Bible Study Completed
Calm & Quiet Within
Getting It Done
Rosary with Henry
Mom & Jim Home Safely Through Blizzard
Dinner with Niece, Nephew, Brother-in-Law & Sister-in-Law
Bible Study Wrap Up Discussion
New Bible Study Book Arriving Doorstep
Playdate with Neighbors
Playdate with Country Neighbors
New - Old Ideas of Breadmaking
Inspiration to Start 100 Days Again
Cousins Playing
Sisters Catching Up in Person
Seeing a Fun Smile on Her Face
Good Weather for Driving
Safe Travels
Good Dog Entire Trip
Entryway for Dog in -17 Degree Fahrenheit Temps
Sister, Friend & I Having Lunch
Going to Women's Expo...
...Happy Hour
Dinner at Gram's
Dessert Twice
New Bible Study Invitation
Realizing All the Books I Didn't Read but Relaxed with Family
Blessed Weekend
Cutting Grandpa's Hair
Massaging Lotion in His Arms, Scalp, Hands & Neck
Safe Driving Home
Coming Home to Husband's Fish Fry
Seeing Grandpa
Good Night's Sleep

Joining Ann.

Hope you are having a great week!
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