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The Interior Castle ~ Prologue & General Introduction

I am going to blog my way through The Interior Castle by St Teresa of Avila, Study Edition. I am sharing on another forum and thought as long as I am already typing my thoughts out there I would also include them here in case I ever wanted to print anything out for a binder or journal book (via blurb).    I wasn't sure that I wanted to publish it as a blog post or as a page.  Originally I thought page so as not to bore anybody.  However, pages don't all for separations and it would get very lengthy, not to mention the fact that I lost a "post" because it didn't auto save.  So here it is.  I will post once a week.  More than likely Sunday once I get myself all caught up after today's fiasco.

If you like you are welcomed to join in comments section whether you have read the book.

In the General Introduction:

"the important thing is not to think much but to love much; and so do that which best stirs you to love." In Teresa's thinking, love "doesn't consist in great delight but in desiring with strong determination to please God in everything, in striving, insofar as possible, not to offend him, and in asking him for the advancement of the honor and glory of his Son".

"One so intimate with His Majesty must walk with special care and attentiveness in the exercise of virtue and with particular emphasis on love of neighbor, humility (the desire to be considered the least), and he faithful performance of ordinary tasks."

"The works of service may be outstanding ones as in Teresa's case, but they need not be. One must concentrate on serving those who are in one's company. 'The Lord doesn't look so much at the greatness of our works as at the love with which they are done.' "

~ something to really think about when I scrub floors!

From the Prologue:

"...the strength given by obedience usually lessens the difficulty of things that seem impossible, I resolved to carry the task very willingly, even though my human nature seems greatly distressed."

~ What a great example to march forward through our human nature, even when we are distressed, or unwilling.

"It's nonsense to think that what I say could matter to other persons. Our Lord will be granting me favor enough if some of these nuns benefit by praising him a little more."

~ So humble.

"...if I mange to say something well the Sisters will understand that this does not come from me since there would be no foundation for it, unless the Lord gave it to me; otherwise they would have as little intelligence as I little ability for such things."

~ Again humility in her praise for our Lord, knowing all good comes from Him and dare, I say caution, to for us (or the Sisters) to make her greater than Our Lord {"they would have little intelligence"}?

Interpretive Notes:

"The reader can be sure that it is Teresa passing through the rooms of her interior castle..."

~I will think of myself passing or hoping to pass through my own Interior Castle.

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