Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday's Quick Takes

Meet one of my new friends, Shower Chair:
After a couple of days pre chair / post injury I quickly learned that just stepping into the shower was daunting, and even less desirable is standing on one leg for any length of time.  Truly, a life saver!

Meet another new friend, Shower Bag:
She arrived on the scene the day after the cast.  Her timing is impeccable as I was not all that interested in her cousin garbage bag with duct tape.

Here's another new gal pal, Foam Pillow:
I didn't think I needed any more friends as her cousin Regular Pillow was pretty nice.  But Regular Pillow had to move along after frequent repositioning and aching.  Foam Pillow (made for people in my situation) has proved much more friendly and kind of a life saver!

Please meet, ever so faithful, Crutches aka "Crunches":
They are twins and they go with me everywhere, to get me anywhere.  I have a love / hate relationship with them.  I love that they take me where I need to go but hate that they hurt.  I'm so upper body weak to pick up their slack.

These new friends came to my by way of my friend, Cheryl.  I can't thank her enough for bringing these items over.  She was in a cast or boot for almost a year, which included two surgeries.  I pray she had a good report on Monday and has moved onto wearing two shoes!  Thanks again for your kindness Cheryl!
I'm on the first day of the second week out of eight weeks.  Thankful for Christmas and New Year's and that they are during the week.  This means more time for my husband home.  Less couch parenting and less TV.  More family time and more love all the way around!
I'm also very thankful for meals that people have brought for us.  It's been so wonderful to just put items in the oven and have dinner done for when my husband gets home.  I am very very thankful and will make sure to pay this forward.  This has been the biggest life saver for our whole family!

I'm also very thankful that my parents came during those first days.  We weren't at all prepared in any way to handle this.  Laundry, rides to school for the kids, doctor appointments for our son, doctor appointment for me, preparing food and helping with the kids.  I spent this time getting transportation arranged for the kids to get to and from school and activities.  I also drive two other kids and they had to make arrangements as well.  It has all worked out and I'm so thankful for how understanding everybody has been.


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  1. I would think as a runner it would be so hard to sit still and heal...praying you get through it all cheerfully :-)

    1. You don't have to be a runner for it to be hard to sit still and heal, believe me. I'm not a runner, but I am not a sitter either!

    2. I can't even think about not being able to run or I'll cry. I'm sure the scale is going to scold me when this is all done. I wonder how much I'll be able to run when this cast/boot deal is over.

      Colleen, I was hoping to do the 1000 Tall Girl thing but that won't happen 2013 either. :(

      Thankfully, I love to read, social media & did I mention read?

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. Oh, gosh that chair kind of gave me a sick feeling inside...memories....Wow, I never had that pillow or that cousin to the bag and tape...I only had the bags and tape! lucky!

    You can look on the bright side, by the time it's all over, it will be spring!!
    Can't remember, is it your right or left foot? If it's your left foot you can drive!!

    Mine was the right leg.

    1. I guess I should be glad for it being Spring so as not to have this happen again this Winter.

      Last night my husband and I were talking about ice fishing....I reminded him that I would not be so probably the girls wouldn't be either. Just the thought of ice fishing makes me even more nervous than it did before. I think I'm going to be a bear and hibernate. :)


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