Friday, December 28, 2012

Sneak Peek Saturday

This weeks Gospel reading is Luke 2:41-52 for Sneak Peek Saturday.

Many things jumped out at me in this Gospel. I'm not exactly sure how to format this blog post, how to capture what I'm thinking. In time I'm sure I'll find a rhythm.
In the past reading this and reflecting on it in the rosary, I thought of the joy and relief Mary must have felt finding Jesus after three days. Three days. I can't even imagine.
One of the things that struck me today....
Jesus left his Father at the altar in obedience to them. In obedience to them he was also obedient to his Father through the fourth commandment.
He lived in Nazareth for eighteen more years in silence, doing nothing miraclous, he learned from his mother Mary & Joseph, he lived in a family.
May Nazareth serve as a model of what the family should be. May it show us the family's holy and enduring character and exemplifying its basic function in society: a community of love and sharing, beautiful for the problems it poses and the rewards it brings; in sum the perfect setting for rearing children - and for this there is no substitute. ~ Pope Paul VI, from Liturugy of the Hours
What struck me the most about this passage today was the last verse:
And Jesus increased in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man. ~ Luke 2:52
He left his Father at the altar to find Him in the home. He increased is his favor with God and man in the every day duties in his home. He grew in wisdom through silent prayer, and through his parents in his home. This makes me think of the job we have as parents right here in our own homes. I often get caught up in what I can do outside of the home to impact those around me while my main concern needs to be with what happens in my home, with my own children. To model Mary would be to teach my children, just as she taught Jesus, in the home.

As I think of New Year's resolutions, I will be mindful of my ordinary duties as wife and mother and the graces that will come from these things. In addition:
The silence of Nazareth should teach us how to meditate in peace and quiet, to relfect on the deeply spiritual and to be open to the voice of God's inner wisdom and the counsel of his true teachers. Nazareth can teach us the value of study and preparation, of mediation, of a well-ordered personal spiritual life and of silent prayer that is known only to God. ~ Pope Paul VI - from Liturgy of the Hours



  1. Like your post, Tina! Thanks for the reminder to where my focus needs to stay (in the home!)

    1. Hi Annie! Glad you liked the post......truly journaling the readings. Hope you can join and add some of your wonderful wisdom next week!


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