Monday, January 28, 2013

Daybook ~ January 28, 2013

Capturing a few of the memories of our weeks in....

...Moments of Gratitude

30.  A bright Sky, even in the subzero temperatures
31.  Hot Water beating down on a cold day
32.  Plans to make a summer Memory
33.  My Wrinkled, and washed laundry by the mister
34.  Smoothed feel of my children's faces
35.  Unfolded laundry to keep me busy
36.  In Christ, Mercy
37.  In Christ, Guidance
38.  In Christ, Joy
39.  The Blue of our Blessed Mother
40.  The departure of my Blue attitude
41.  The baby bundled in Blue we brought home six years ago.
42.  A glass of wine In The Kitchen w/ my parents & husband
43.  Delicious Sunday meal prepared In the Kitchen
44.  Lunch with school families prepared In the School Kitchen
45.  School Friends celebrating Catholic Schools Week
46.  Friends showing me patience, went I don't have any
47.  Friends sharing their graces


Hands down, I'm praying for patience.


Crockpot Chicken, Mashed Pototoes & Corn
Chicken Wild Rice Soup
Cheeseburger Mac (I have yet to make this Jenny)
Bowtie Pasta
Beef Stroganoff


We were going to do little acts of kindness during Advent.  I got them all ready and then we scrapped that because it was really hard to distribute them via my couch.

So, I found a few things on Pinterest we can do for Valentine's Day.  I am excited to be able to get to the store and make something.

Then I hope to get some Lenten crafts going. 


Honestly, I haven't read a page in a book in a week.  My same books are on the list.
The Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic ~ Matthew Kelly

...Liturgical Living

Firming up Lenten plans.  Need to put it to paper to capture the ideas and make them real.

...Looking Ahead

I'm looking forward to Thursday's doctor appointment, so much so that I was almost ready to take all three kids with me to a 4:00 appointment today.  Sounds simple enough but lately, it's not simple. at. all.  My better judgement (husband) said just wait.  So, I'm working on finishing tabbing my Bible, reading that book, and I should catch up on the Catechism with the flocknote group.  Just a few more days.

I'm also looking forward to my Holy Hour this week.  It's been eight weeks since I've been.  This will be the first place I get to go all. by. myself.

...Listening To

Children playing in the background
Drew on Relevant Radio in the foreground


Our Old Yeller waiting to be fed during my Snapshot Sunday Hour 6-7 AM.  Shot in

f. 4.2, ISO 1600, 26mm, 1/3
I like to shoot in A mode. 
I have yet to take wb auto off. 
I have much to learn.
Joining Ann, Cari, Sarah & Suscipio.



  1. I made the Cheeseburger Mac. It was good, a bit spicy for some of my kids, so keep that in mind.

    Yeah for getting back to Holy Hour!

    1. Good to know, we'd be 3/5 if it were too spicy.

      I'm so looking forward to Holy Hour.

  2. Sounds like it will be a very good week! Loving what's on your menu. Our dog does the same thing.


    1. Deborah! It's been way too long. I gotta come over & see what's been going on!

      She's a funny dog, is that a lab thing?

  3. Sounds like a great meal list for dinners. I must say your dog is so cute! Reminds me of a few dogs I have the privilege of having in my life.

    Take care and God bless!

    1. Hi Nikita,

      She's a great dog, except when she runs away! :)

      I needed a solid meal plan week, we all have.

  4. I really love all your 'blue' moments of gratitude..and you sweet Old Yeller pic. So precious.
    Have a blessed week +

  5. Old Yeller is beautiful! And YAHOO for your first trip out alone...healing is great!

    1. Healing is great and I'm slowly learning healing isn't training. :)

  6. I like how you are numbering your graces. A very nice blog. What a sweet pup you have there!

    1. Hi Samantha...the numbering idea is from Ann @ A Holy Experience. She's great!

      And thank you for the compliment!

  7. Awesome shot. The eyes! Sweet doggie. :)


Thanks for making my day!

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