Friday, January 11, 2013

Quick Grace


Moment of Grace.

Yesterday was a good day.  The x-rays of my leg showed that the outside of the fracture has been healed.  I was a little alarmed when I saw the x-ray on the screen before the doctor came in, it still showed the spirals.  I jumped to conclusions, thinking it was bad, then the doctor told me that it would look like that for the next six months and what needed to heal for me to get moving, has.  He proceeded to write the orders for three weeks of physical therapy to work on range of motion and partial weight bearing.  Come back in three weeks and I should be out of the boot.  Praise God!  He also said it wouldn't be far fetched to be driving in two weeks.  Not totally healed but I could get around some.
No doubt, I got home and called for physical therapy appointments right away.  Wednesday of next week was the first appointment.  Sigh.  A week without PT just after I'd been given the green light.  Not the direction I had hoped.  I scheduled five appointments.  Called MacGyver.  Called PT back to change a few times so MacGyver could drive me and they found an appointment for me for today!  Praise God!
Day one PT.  Awesome.  He went over the basics, what we would be working on, main focus being reducing swelling/edema.  He then did some measurements both on the good foot and bad foot.  He then decided he could give me some weight strengthening exercises.  YIPPPEEE!  This is the fast track to walking.  And one more thing....he had this really cool machine called Game Ready.  If you don't want to click on this link to see scary man looking at's a machine that is filled with ice that sends ice cold water through a boot that compresses over my ankle.  Loved it, even though I wanted a heated blanket the whole time.
My Mom's visit with us was wonderful.  The kids loved having her as did MacGyver and I.  We had meals cooked and a lot of laundry washed, folded and all put away - in the same day!  She took me to two appointments and picked Big Girl up from school today.  We were blessed to take her out for Mexican lunch yesterday.  Yum!
I toured Target yesterday in a wheel chair.  That was interesting.  I was by myself while my Mom & the girls parked the car.  A woman with a boy and a girl around the three/four/five age passed by me to get a cart.  The girl who was closer to the five age commented over and over how she wanted to watch the lady with the crutches get in the wheel chair.  I smiled at the mom, she smiled at me.  I continued to struggle, with a flamingo leg, trying to get the wheelchair apart while she buzzed on by as the girl kept saying how she wanted to watch me.
Tomorrow I'll be hosting a link up on Sunday's Gospel, Sneak Peek Sunday.  I  hope you can take a peek at Sunday's Gospel reading and share your thoughts via your blog or the comments section.  I've enjoyed a head start on the readings, I hope you will too.

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  1. Thank God for moms and healing legs!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Feels great, spirits lifted for sure!

  3. Praying that you continue to heal, as planned!

    1. Praying my plan is the same as His plan. :)

  4. Tina, the little voyeur story at Target is hilarious! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. I'm guessing she didn't know what to do and felt embarrassed by her children, therefor did nothing. Too bad she didn't see the opportunity to teach her kids to help, I really could have used it. :)

  5. Yes, I love the Target story as well....memories.....

    Yay for the PT though!! (They didn't have me do any, once I got a walking boot, walking was it for therapy, couldn't drive though, for a loooong time, seemed like forever!)

    You are doing super! Yay for your mama too!

    1. Ya, the target story.....ugh.

      I'm super excited about the PT. My range of motion is pretty good. I'm thinking I could be driving this week, if only in my rural areas. :)

      Super yay for Mamas! Husbands too!


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