Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sneak Peek Sunday ~ Week Three

Take a Sneak Peek on Saturday by looking at tomorrow's Gospel reading with me! This Sunday we will read from Luke chapter three verses 21-38.

You can share what strikes you most, what resonates with you, where God is leading you, what He's asking you of you in your own blog post and link here or in the comments section. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

What struck me most this week?
I 've always had a love for genealogy but today I was spoke to me most was that after Jesus was baptized he was in prayer.  It was while he was in prayer that the heavens opened.  I also thought about the fact that Jesus was baptized even though he really didn't have to be.  Obedient, once again.  I wonder, what was His prayer?  Gratitude?  And His display of trust, a lot trust.
What seems like such a simple message, yet so hard for me to accomplish in one day. 
Simple message but hard words to live, but I'll try, with the grace of God through my own baptism. 
The faith required for Baptism is not a perfect and mature faith, but a beginning that is called to develop.  ~ CCC 1253
Share you thoughts?



  1. I would love to join you in Sneek Peek Saturday, but I know I wouldn't get it done! I hardly get the Sunday's gospel read before Mass on Sunday to give my kids a head's up! But if I can ever pull it together, I'll link back to your blog! I love reading your posts and admiring your pictures. God has blessed you with an awesome talent!!

    1. We can only do what we can do.....I know you do quite a bit already. :)

      Thanks for your compliment....I love to learn in both of these areas. :)


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