Monday, January 7, 2013

Woman's Almanac {CWA} ~ 3

Here's a peek at what's happening around  here.  The real stuff.

Moments of Gratitude
I have many things to be grateful for but haven't exactly been able to pen them all.  My journals are scattered and for the most part I require help getting things.  I ask much, so I tend to let things that aren't absolutely necessary wait, then the days go by.  I could use some organization. 
The short of my long list:

1. Homecooked meals ready to heat
2. My husband who takes care of broken legged me, our children, our home all the while being busy at work.
3. My husband going to work late to bring our kids plus one to school.
4. Thankful for catnaps after sleepless nights
5. Chocolate stocking treats.
6. Father and son learning video games together
7. Big Girl's Godparents over for a visit

~ Marriage
~ Prayer

I could just as well left this off as I haven't really cooked in a month, with one partial exception.  God is so good in our time of need with regards to food.  We've had wonderful friends bring meals that I can put in the oven to be ready when MacGyver comes home.  He then rallies the troops to set the table and I "crunch" down for dinner.  I manage easy easy breakfast and lunch.  Yesterday, I chopped veggies and we threw together chicken noodle soup.  Felt good to make something or at least have a part in making it.  It's a start.

This category is the same as above.  The real truth is that I quite often shower later in the day and then put clean pajamas back on for the remainder of the day.  Or I wear my favorite velour warm up type outfit.  My sad reality is that during the week after getting kids out the door for school, I need to put my leg up and I'm exhausted (my running days such a distant memory).  Then it's time for lunch, rest, then shower.  I rarely see anybody besides the four other people that live here and we all love pajamas!


I'm far behind but I really do hope to get my photos together to make books for each child by the time of Big Girl's birthday in February.  I need to get focused in order to get this done because come leg recovery, I doubt computer time will be in abundance.


Catechism of the Catholic Church with Flocknote

Litugical Living
Starting to think about what Lent will look like.  Thinking about 40 bags in 40 days (google if you need to, many people have done this in the past).  On one had I wonder what is left after our huge purge late summer, on the other, I look around and see way too much.    Room by room, each day.  I'm in, no question now.  I'll ponder on other ideas.

Looking Ahead
My Mom is coming to stay with us on Wednesday until Friday.  I'm so thankful.  She'll catch us up, cook, run errands in addition to running kids and me.  On Thursday I go to the doctor for my four week check up.  I'm pretty sure the bone has now healed.  It just feels different, more like it doesn't feel.  I think since I don't feel where it was broken, it's not?  The last visit the doctor indicated if everything looks good, I'll start putting some weight, while on crutches, to my leg.

For Fun
MacGyver and I have joined the Downton Abbey craze.  We were getting season one via Netflix DVD to the home.  Then we reazlied we can stream it on his iPad free via amazon.  Woot Woot!  We don't even mind watching it on the small screen as it's a way better picture than the old tube tv, not to mention instant, no waiting for the mail.  Last night was the premiere of season three, I wonder if we can catch up?
My prayers are great in number, here are a few:
My sponsored boy Ryan and his family in the Philippines
Healing for a friend after an emergency emergency c-section
Healing for mothers who are unable to run their families due to illness, recovery, etc.
For marriages on the brink to come to fullness in God's will (not a personal prayer).

From last summer, I have yet to get outside for some current winter pictures.  This is from a collection I discovered on an old sd card, hiding in my camera bag. 

North Shore, Minnesota

Joining the Suscipio and Ann.


  1. That picture is beautiful! I'm so glad your husband and mom can help so much!! You are a trooper, Tina.

    1. Me too! We'd be a sinking ship otherwise! :)

  2. That's a beautiful picture. So glad your mom will be there to help out soon.

  3. Tina, Beautiful picture and I join you in your prayers. +

  4. Prayers for a quick recovery Tina. Thank goodness you are surrounded by so many blessings!

    Enjoyed your almanac today...grateful for time to catch up : )

    1. Thanks Theresa for the prayer and I'm grateful for your time too!

  5. There is nothing like a mummy, no matter how old we are!

  6. I didn't realize you had broken your leg!!!! Praying for a good report at your next doc appointment!

    1. Thank you, I'm trying to get busy on'd be proud!

  7. Wonderful list of gifts even when you have hard Eucharisteo. Thanking HIm for your spirit and spunk. May you continue to heal and get well for 2013.
    Blessings and linking in from A Holy Experience

    1. Thanks for stopping by Janis and leaving a comment. It was a bit of a hard Eucharisteo but taking one day at a time and having a wonderful family and friends to show me so blessings made life much easier.

  8. Tina--if you are having trouble sleeping because of your leg, the doctor told me that lots of people go to sleep to the's easier to fall asleep mindlessly. I didn't have any problem with that though, as I was pregnant when it happened to me.

    I can't remember, did you have surgery on it? How many pins and bolts and rods do you have? I have like 2 rods, one big pin that goes all the way through (that one bugs me still, I can feel it) and several, like 7 or 8 screws....War stories...

    1. I'm getting to this late Jamie but mostly my trouble is that my lower back hurts and I can't get comfortable. I've since managed to be able to side sleep. I think since the leg wasn't really broken anymore, even though I didn't know it.

      Nope, thankfully, no surgery! Your war story is worse than mine, by a lot!

  9. Oh, so glad your mama is coming to help and that you are blessed with help, wish we lived closer, I'd try to do something....Prayers now though!

    1. ...and your prayers, I thank you for them! That was exactly what I needed! Mom has come and gone and it was fabulous!

  10. Tina, a priest friend of mine recommended an easy way to keep track of gratitude. Use my rosary beads. Now I don't have to worry about writing them down but I have set times of day I review in my head specific things for which I'm grateful. It's helped me so much! Now I don't forget (as much) and I don't worry (as much) about getting everything down on paper...if I mentally review it, it's better than nothing. Just thought I share something that has helped me...

    1. Thank you for your suggestion! It reminds me of sacrifice beads. That would be a good idea too.

      I'm hoping to be able to jot it down somewhere, I have been enjoying the 1000 Gifts app on my phone. Seems silly, be the reality is the phone/camera is almost always with me so it's a good place to jot something down. I so like adding pictures when I can. Makes me freeze the moment.

  11. I didn't know you broke your leg. I will add you to my prayer list and pray for a grace-filled recovery. I REALLY like your blog's clean look and the banner. Also, love that picture. You took that picture?

    1. How are you liking The Better Part? And I second what Jamie Jo says about sleeping with the tv. Just make sure to pop in a movie you've seen a hundred times and use an eye mask or turn down the lighting on the tv if the light bothers you to much. I hope things continue to get easier for you.

    2. I did take the picture (the name & the picture post?). I would like to add a better frame. I have no idea what I did there and probably should go back to dress that up. :)

      I love the Better Part. I think I could use that for a devotional daily and never have to buy another book again, even though I do! :) Do you have it?

      Now that I've started PT things are truckin' along and getting better every day. So happy about that!


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