Friday, February 1, 2013

Catholic Schools Week

We just wrapped up Catholic Schools Week!

The week started off on Sunday when we went to late Mass, a rare thing at Casa Fisher.  We chose the late Mass because after there was lunch and a carnival to kick off Catholic Schools week.  The kids had so much fun playing games, putting people "in jail", winning prizes, face painting, and hanging out with their friends.

We ate lunch with another family that have twin girls in Henry's class and then we all went to the carnival.  It's fun to see how our kids interact with their friends and it's cute to see how at Karley's age(pre-school) they just say "hi" and stay closer to us.  Kindergarten has changed all that for Henry.  Not only is he friends with all the kids in his own class but he's been busy making friends with older  children as well.  This likely happens since Kindergarten through second grade eat lunch together and play outside together. 

Monday the kids were allowed a non-uniform day and wear their clothes backwards, inside out, etc. They walked to the local assisted living apartments and sang "Jesus church songs" for the elderly.  Tuesday, also a non-uniform day, was neon and the kids played some fun games.  We didn't have anything neon so we went for the brightest green we could find. 

Wednesday was a uniform day as they had Mass.  Our school along with another school celebrated Mass together as a part of our Area Faith Community.  {I think it's a rare thing for there to be two schools in an Area Faith Community.  And it's even rarer that our school is Pre-K - 12.}  After Mass the Kindergarten students joined for a snack in our Kindergarten classroom.  The students were mingled together and it was really special to see my son engaging in conversation with another little boy his same age that he'd never met before.  I sat and thought about how big he really is getting and how school is opening him up to other people and things all while keeping him grounded in our faith.  During Mass I watched him sing with the other students and take part in the Mass which is not how it is when he's with us.  School seems to challenge him and keeps him accountable in different ways than home.  I'm very grateful. 

After snack the elementary kids gathered in the gym and were presented with a show by Critters & Company.  From their website:  "Critters & Company uses a unique medium of live animals and their stories to share with the children relationship building concepts".  The kids had a great time and learned about the animals as well as how teasing can affect others. 

Thursday the kids wore their comfy clothes did some special projects.  Friday they wore a special t-shirt made for them that was like a snowman.  I missed getting a photo of this.  I was going to get one after Mass but since it was -14F -minus wind chill school was two hours late.  This was actually the third time in one week school was two hours late due to weather of some sort.  The children didn't have Mass and I didn't get a photo. 
Henry and his classmates had a fun week.  The week was about recognizing our students, teachers, priests, fellow volunteers, benefactors and our faith.  We absolutely love this school and are grateful for the sacrifices so our kids can receive a Catholic education.  I feel in the world we live in today, the best chance we can give our kids to keep God in the forefront of their lives is that they don't check their faith at the door when they leave our home.  We love that their faith is being learned in our home and at school.  We have come to know other families and have even been aided by them in our recent time of need.  We love our school family and parish!  

Happy Catholic Schools Week! 


  1. What a blessing to have such a great Catholic community. That Crtters and Company sounds wonderful. My kids would get a big kick out of those stories.

    1. It was a great week!

      PS. The porcupine was kind of stinky! :)

  2. Great re-cap of the week. My kids looked forward to each day. I too count ourselves very blessed to be apart of that community.

    1. Ditto! I've met some really great people! :)

  3. We have an annual All Schools Mass - every Catholic school in the Diocese gathers at the Convention Center for mass. It's amazing to see all the kids (and parents!) together celebrating mass!

  4. You're a Catholic school family! I am a little excited, because love them though I do, most of the Catholic mom blogs I come across are homeschool blogs!

    I love Catholic Schools Week! We have all sorts of sports days, appreciation days, fairs, and liturgies. Oh, it is exhausting but fun!

    1. Yeah, now I'm glad I posted this! I do find mostly homeschool blogs too.

      I too love Catholic School week!


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