Wednesday, February 13, 2013


It was coming, I knew it but I still didn't want it to happen.  Losing a tooth would be the last baby thing he'd have left.

The tooth was wiggly, he wanted to lose it.  Baby teeth are frequently going home wrapped around those little Kindergarten necks, tooth in a tooth.

Henry complained of his teeth hurting, we explained it's probably a tooth.  Sunday it was "wiggly", and he worked it until Tuesday.  I had a feeling it would come out in school, knowing he thought that tooth necklace was pretty cool.  When I picked him up from school he ran to me.  He couldn't wait for me to notice, even though I already saw the gap, he hurriedly spoke of his missing tooth.

I thought I'd break down in tears like I told him I was going to, but I was happy for him.  He was so excited and proud.  He was just as excited to tell Daddy.

He was all tucked in, ready for the tooth fairy to come or so we thought.  He came up to the living room, nearly in tears asking if he could please keep his tooth, he no longer wanted to give it to the tooth fairy but could he still have the money.  Could we write a letter to the tooth fairy and ask her about this plan?  How does this work? 

Not knowing what to do I said that we could write her a note and ask her for the tooth.  BUT I would buy the tooth from him for $5.  He could look at it from time to time but it would be mine.  This worked and seemed fair as long as the tooth fairy was on board.  My husband was present for the conversation.

Morning comes, Henry comes to my room and tells me he still has the tooth, the tooth fairy left him a note saying he had to give me the tooth and that I'd pay him for it.  All is great!  So I called Adam to ask him if he left any cash.  I then give Henry five ones, he puts them in his wallet.  I notice he has a small wad of cash and ask him if we can count it.  He had a $5 bill and a bunch of ones totally $17.  Wondering where he got all this money and the $5 bill, I ask.  He then tell me that the tooth fairy left him $5 under his pillow.  WHAAATT?

So I try and explain that since the tooth fairy gave him $5 I didn't need to.  That didn't work, imagine, "you said" and tears forming. 

I gave up.  I was hoodwinked.  The kid got $10 for his first tooth.


  1. Oh my goodness, that was one expensive tooth! We do $1.00 for the first and 50 cents thereafter. But we're cheap :)

  2. I should have put a shout out before I agreed to $5! I had no clue. Oh, I'm "thrifty" too! :)

  3. Out "tooth fairy" only brings 50 cents . . . I guess we are cheap too!

    1. "Our" . . . I really need to proof read before I hit "publish"

    2. Oh man, I should have posted for advice before I the tooth fairy was even in called upon!

      Really, I'm cheap.

  4. Whoa!! My kids (now adults) got quarters for their front teeth, 50 cents for the big molars! Except for the time that teeth fell out at Grandma's House. The Tooth Fairy at Grandma's House left dollar bills.

    Sounds to me like the Tooth Fairy and the Tooth Fairy's Helper need to coordinate before the next tooth falls out!

    1. I think they need a meeting of the minds too!


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