Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Lenten Plans for 2013

I have reservations about posting my Lenten plans because I don't want it to seem like it's all for show.  It's not.  It's for me to have concrete plans and follow through with them.  It's also not to make anybody feel bad, for what they are or are not doing, or how little or how much.  It's shared to share options.  I looked up some of these ideas in a book, read some online, got ideas from my Mother's Group and talked with my Spiritual Director about it.
Before I say more about Lent, I want to say a little something about our beloved Pope Benedict XVI.  I was shocked just as everybody else was and I can say that I mostly understand why he'd want to step down as the leader of our church. 
My Grandpa was 82 when he died.  He slowed down significantly the months prior to his pacemaker.  We knew what was coming, even though we didn't want to face it, his health was declining and the end would be near.  He knew it.  He only lived a few short months after the pacemaker.
I agree with other Catholic media that His Eminence his being so very humble and that he is thinking of the church.  I detest the secular media and their reporting how now is the time for the Catholic Church to change it's ways, etc.  We all know what they mean.  I only watched one show, that's about all I can handle of my one sided commentary.  I cringed when I see a young girl excitedly say how she hopes the church will now allow women priests.  I think of how it's not her fault, she's young, nobody is explaining church teaching to her.  Which I make note of for family Lenten plans on what we teach our own children.
Surprising for the impatient worrying person that I am, I feel very peaceful and full of trust that the Holy Spirit will indeed guide our church in choosing a new Pope who will in turn guide us through these troubled times.  I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit will take care of all of us and feel total peace.
I do pray that as a church, when the time comes, that we will send Pope Benedict to heaven just as gloriously as he would have been sent had he been the current Pope.  As the biggest thank you one could give for the service he gave us. 
Just a side note, I had the opportunity to read Humane Vitae last Fall with a group of women and sadly passed this up.  I knew shortly after this was a mistake.  I haven't read a single thing written by Pope John Paul II and that is sad.  So when Pope Benedict came out with his most recent book, I again thought this would be good to read.  I still have not.  I've also wanted to read something of Mother Angelica and Blessed Mother Theresa.
So in my preparations for tomorrow, last night I picked up The Word Among Us for Lent to read the foreword articles, but first I like to look at what the books are that they recommend.  One of the Lenten reads was this book:

Last week I was blessed enough to meet with my Spiritual Director.  I went over my plans for Lent.  He added a few gentle suggestions, one being not to try and do too much and the end up feeling like things didn't go well.  Either he knows me or the Holy Spirit who does, was in full force.  Either way, I got the hint. 

So here it is, because these are the things I think I'm being called to do for either myself or my family.  They are because we've been lacking, or we need to move in a new direction, or it's just what I feel I'm being asked to do.
With kids
  • Stations ~ We will do this with the Kindergarten class twice
  • Bible Story Daily
  • Nightly prayers on our knees
  • Sacrifice Wreath
  • They will also be doing some sort of exam & helping in the 40 bags with their toys.
  • Read Passion ~ On Good Friday I will read the Passion out loud to them.
  • Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure ~ During Snack & Bible
That will be our Lent, 2013.  We will pray for Pope Benedict the XVI, the College of Cardinals and our future Pope. 
May God Bless you all. 


  1. Thank you for your thoughts on our Holy Father. I believe that we need to take it for what it is and not try to read into anything. It is an amazing example of humility and faith.

    Great Lenten list. Blessings to you this Lenten season!

    1. Certainly is!

      Thanks for the blessings...we'll need them as we make a few changes. :)

  2. Praying for a fruitful Lent for you and yours.

  3. Those are great plans Tina! I often think of Advent and Lent as times to really focus on changes that I hope will be permanent. We try to give up some things as well as add a few things. Our family focus this lent is an evening rosary. We are starting with just the small tail of prayers and will build up to saying the whole rosary each evening by the end of lent. Blessings to you during this season!

    1. Thank you....I hope to not stress too much and to remember to see Jesus in everybody I meet. :)


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