Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Re-Model ~ Girl's Room

It's been a few days since I've posted.  You'll understand why by looking at this:


This was a few days in the making.  I knew it would take some time and effort so Tuesday this is what we did.  This was a pre-cursor to more changes.  The dresser has seen it's day and will be sitting at the bottom of the drive as soon as Big Daddy hauls it down there. 
Starting from the top, the walls are going to be painted pink and pink.  Until recently this room always housed a boy.  It started out like this with many thanks to my friend Amy!

Looking at this picture for too long could make me shed a tear.  Time has gone by so quickly.

So dark pink & light pink on the walls.  Two twin beds with while headboards and footboards is first choice.  They will be where the bed is now and adjacent to that.  I found an dresser to paint white as well as a night stand.  The new/old dresser will go where the closet is and that will be closed off.  The new closet will go where the dresser currently sits.  The plan is for the carpet to be re-placed with hardwood floors and a rug.  We'll see how far the budget reaches.  But we're in for some changes. 

This closet as it is now will be a closet in Henry's room.  I'll post more about that with some pictures another day.  I'm getting my part ready for Adam to be able to get into this room.

I started my Lent plan a little early.  I bagged up two garbage bags full of clothes to donate along with one Target size bag of garbage.  I'm counting this as 3 bags into my goal of 40 bags.  That was progress!

Today, we had a two hour late start with some little friends over before and after school.  Kids are enjoying the extra company.

It's been a good day to catch up on calendar things and moving piles from one place to another! :)

Have a blessed day!


Thanks for making my day!

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