Friday, February 15, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

There are a few things to catch up on so Seven Quick Takes worked perfectly today.  Right to it.

Last Friday I had a call come through from a 202 number.  I decided to answer it mostly because lately I am more than willing to give my opinion to government representatives about my Catholic views.  This call was an invitation to an open forum with my US Representative.  I feel I can say that she's not very well liked in Washington, because she's said it herself.  I've also read that the Democrats are gunning for her seat and SuperPacs are out to get her.  My vote is will remain as it has, for Michelle Bachman.  I spoke with her briefly, she gets being a stay at home Mom, raising kids, stretching the paycheck, prayer, God first, abortion is wrong, etc.....she's singing my tune.  She doesn't play by the Washington rules....she actually represents the people of my district, well.

Physical therapy has been going very well.  I'm not sure what to make of the look on the therapist face when I told her that my goal was to start running by the end of the month.  I think by the laughter and spit that came from her mouth she thought I was crazy.  I'm seriously thinking about entering the lottery registration for a June half.  I kind of figure if I get in, it's a sign that I should be doing it right?
God has been busy working over here.  I'm seeing a lot of great fruits.  Most of the time before I'm about to do something I think I'm being ask to do, I cringe thinking this really can't be, why on Earth would I do _________.  Then I just do it and pray for the best.  Well, the best has been happening.  Praise and Glory to God!
We had a pretty low key Valentine's Day.  The kids were excited to have their parties at school and because of this I didn't really do much here.  I made a nice dinner, Swedish Meatballs but I failed to really decorate.  I just kept all the Lenten table runner.  I could do a better job at Valentining the house up. 

I did make the kid's teacher's a little something.  I have no idea how good it was but at least the thought was nice.  I've been on a kick to make things from my Pinterest browsing.  I think I actually found this on the Betty Crocker site.

A couple of weeks ago I added a Valentine card for Big Daddy in the shopping cart.  When at the checkout line my total was $72 (yes, even).  Then the cashier asked if the card was mine, yes indeed it was.  All of a sudden my total was something like $78 something.  Whhaaa?  I asked her to take the card off the total.  {See I am cheap}  We then agreed not to buy cards this year.  I did however, come home from Ash Wednesday service and find red roses to enjoy all day on Thursday.  I still wanted to do something so I decided I could write a little love letter in the Mr & Mrs Journal I won.  It was a great idea. :)  Oh and I love having my afternoon coffee in the Mrs mug.

I buy books.  I love books.  I have many books I've had to have and then buy another and don't get the last book read.  It's a bad habit, I'm like a buybookaholic.  I need not buy another book for the rest of the year.  I think that sounds like a late add to a New Year's resolution.  This book arrived yesterday.  I will finish it on time and I love reading it.  
Joining Jennifer for Seven Quick Takes.



  1. :)
    I also take delight in God, books, flowers, homemade stuff, photos and the little things

  2. Great photo of you and Michelle Bachman. Carlos met her a few years ago when she was visiting small businesses in the area. He was very impressed by her. I also love your Crown of Thorns!

  3. I'm cheap too and would've done the same thing you did. I think that mr/mrs journal is a much better thing to it! Love that shot of your crown of thorns on the table. Is it straight out of the camera or did you do some post processing?

    1. I think I did a little processing...not much. If memory serves a little brightening and a little lomo?


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