Monday, March 25, 2013

Long Time....

Wow!  It's been a long time.  My regular blogging grove has indeed fallen by the wayside.
It seems life has taken over blogging.  We have finally started our major every room house renovation from top to bottom and side to side, on the inside.  This will be halted half way through the house as soon as the weather gets a little warmer her in Minnesota.  Then we'll move outside for new windows, doors, and siding.  I'm quite sure our neighbors will be happy not to look at our house in it's half done present state.  I'd love to show you pictures but...
...the pictures I'm looking at these days are for my son's Kindergarten class.  I'm making a photo book for their Spring Fundraiser.  I hope it brings money and I hope it's worthy of being in the auction.  That's the time I spend on photos these days.
Reading....uh ya...I'm finishing up a Bible Study, doing a book study with another group of gals, reading the daily readings and a Lenten reading.  Plus I started an online reading assignment.  It's coming to a head.  I can't keep this schedule much longer.
I've somehow managed to workout at least three times a week.  Arc trainer since I still can't run from the busted leg.  And I've been lifting weights.  Love it/hate it.
I have a lot of painting to do.  Every room in our house, all the trim, a dresser for the girls and then we have all the siding and shakes.  This will hopefully be done as much as possible during the week so it can go up on the weekend.  Of course, this is all pending the weather whenever we can get out of winter.  Ick, winter.
All in all we're all good and excited for the house re-model, Spring, riding bikes and in general getting outside again. 
I miss reading all your blogs and linking up.  It's been so crazy but so Grace filled. 
I've noticed this bloglovin thing.....what is it?  Hopefully I'll find a new groove and be able to take some photos again and get back to blogging.  Miss you all!
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