Thursday, June 27, 2013

Theme Thursday: Black & White

A very quick link up with Cari for old times sake.  Not even the greatest photo but there's just something about this photo that I really really like.  I took it on an android phone and messed with some editor that I downloaded.  It was taken after I picked up my race packet (shown below) for the marathon down by Canal Park. 

My Crew

Have a great day and wow....check out the photo links at Cari's,

Mr. Chad

Sitting in the backyard watching the kids over at our neighbor's house I had a memory from way way back of Mr. John.  I was probably no older than Henry is now at age six, most likely I knew Mr. John even earlier.  As soon as I remembered Mr. John I realized that Mr. Chad is my kid's Mr. John. 
When we lived on Clover Lane my sister and I, along with the other neighborhood kids would gather at Mr. John and Mrs. Kay's house for ice cream.  I have few memories other than we got treats over there.  We always called them Mr. and Mrs. and we were always supposed to be grateful and respectful.  Mr. John died sometime around those young years but Mrs. Kay lived for many years after we were long gone from Clover Lane.  
As soon as I remembered Mr. John I grabbed my camera and ran over to take this photo.  Some of the kids were scattering but I made them come back.  I'm sure glad I did.  Notice the kids's treat?

Mr. Chad has been our neighbor for the last nine years.  We don't see much of him during the Winter but in the Summer we see him quite a bit, as does all of our little town.  Everybody knows Mr. Chad.  He wheels our neighborhood with one of his nurses, stopping to talk to people, checking out the town and neighborhood projects.  He stops to see what we have been up to and catches up for a visit.
Chad likes to give the kids suckers, candy and juice boxes and they really enjoy them and him.  He's been generous and bought them sparkers for the fireworks the town puts on and countless other fun things for the kids.  We were also honored to go to his 40th birthday party this past Spring.
More than anything else, he has been planting seeds for our children.  This is where I'm so thankful to God for Mr. Chad.  He's been giving us lessons on charity, compassion and suffering, just by being.  We have been blessed to be able to teach our children not to be afraid of people with disabilities. 
Mr. Chad has been kind to us, more than just by fetching our habitual sneaking off dog.  I think of Mr. Chad as a gift straight from God.  One which we will miss terribly.
Last Saturday night Mr. Chad passed away.  
It was really hard for me to tell our kids.  They had a lot of questions, which they haven't asked before with all the other funerals we've been to in the last month.  Henry determined that heaven is a very large cloud because it has to have a lot of room for all the people. 
While we are happy for the end of Mr Chad's suffering here on Earth, we are sad for our loss of a great neighbor and friend.  We will miss you Chad!  We will also miss his nurses and PCA's we've gotten to know over the years.  
Thank you Chad for being you, our friend!  Our neighborhood will never be the same without you.  We will miss you!
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May he rest in peace.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

With Sympathy

Adam and I have sadly remarked how we haven't had wedding showers, baby showers and weddings to attend in awhile but rather have had funerals, funerals and another funeral.
I mentioned that my Mom lost her first sibling a little over two weeks ago.  How sad it was for her family to lose their first of eleven siblings.  What I didn't say was that she has two very sick siblings who battle with congestive heart failure, yet as sick as they are they have been maintaining.
Tuesday after we got home from Memorial weekend Adam's sister called to let us know that his Aunt Sue was in the hospital with many complications (I can't remember all the things she said) from stage four lung cancer.  We had no idea she had cancer.  Things were so bad that Aunt Sue's family were calling people to let them know she had cancer. 
Meanwhile on Tuesday my Mom who cleans for my Uncle Ken, called to say that on what was to be her care day (cooking, cleaning, shopping & talking) for my Uncle Ken, she brought him to the hospital.  He was having a hard time breathing and needed to go in.  "This might be it," he said. 
Adam's Aunt, my second Uncle in two weeks, in the hospital fighting for their lives.
Thursday we received the call the Aunt Sue left this world for the next.  It seems still so strange to think she's gone. 
Friday my Uncle had two stints put in his heart that he absolutely needed to survive.  Then the plan was to wean him slowly off the ventilator, hoping that his body would take over.  It was tried a couple of times, unsuccessfully.  He also left this world for the next yesterday.  He's been so sick for so long, fighting the good fight but it's still hard to think he's not here anymore.
I have many sad feelings for those closest to my two Uncles and Adam's Aunt.  I find it hard to see so much sadness this close to me in such a short amount of time.  I am sorry for the pain my Mom is going through, as well as my Aunts and Uncles.  It must be very hard to lose two brothers in 17 days.  I am also sad for my cousins who have just lost their Dad and those that lost their Mom.   
I believe as the saying goes, "They are in a better place", but it's still sad.  It's sad to see people cry from their pain.  It's sad to think that you'll not see somebody here in Earth ever again.  I am still saddened that I can't take my Grandpa out for lunch or call him.  I still think it's sad that Adam's Mom is gone and our kids never got to have her for a Grandma.  I have no doubt that they are in a better place, yet, we still miss them. 
It's a hard start to Summer.
My sister's girls are with us this week.  We planned on having them and then bringing them back home mid-week.  My hopes were to be able to do something fun with them, take them to the zoo or something.  Adam & I both feel bad that we've had to get a babysitter for all the kids yesterday and again today.  I'm thankful that the kids seem pretty happy just being able to play together.  Not quite the Aunt of the Year award material happening but we have managed a smore's party featuring smore's from our backyard fire pit.  Tonight we hope to get back early enough for a pizza party followed by a trip to the nearby ice cream shop.  I've seen a lot of swinging in the playground, scavenger hunts, school with various teachers, reading, coloring, toad catching & kissing.  I am also very thankful for good babysitters!


We are very blessed, even through our grief. 

God is good......

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