Thursday, July 25, 2013

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I have remedied that and thank you to the people who already follow me on Bloglovin'. 

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

52 Weeks Photo Project: Down Below

We had a great little summer vacation.  I have many photos to go through and a story to recapture but wanted to quick share this photo for the 52 Weeks Photo Project I'm going to try and keep up with.  I knew I'd see last weeks challenge of "stacks" on vacation but by the time I got home the collection had closed.  I'll share my idea of "stacks" in a couple of days.

But for now, here is "Down Below" the kids favorite place on vacation, the park {in addition to the ice cream store!}.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Crazy Daze Weekend Part II

Our town Daze end on Sunday with a day full of activities.  We signed up with the kid's school to be in the parade.  Adam wasn't really game for it but said he'd be at our house or our neighbors house, which are on parade route, to take photos.   
It was a hot humid summer day and I was so thankful the Aleve kicked in as I was still feeling sick!
We had a great turn out of kids for our little float.  The girls were a little scared, mostly Sophie, so I walked by her until she got the hang of it.  I have to say, the girls did an awesome job getting the candy to the curb for their age.  Henry and his buddy had a good time throwing candy too.

Parade Line Up

Going past our house ~ I see no fear
 We caught the end of the parade with friends as we walked back to our house.  The kids were happy with that because they were then able to get some candy for themselves, because you know, they didn't quite have enough candy already.

I was surprised but I actually felt pretty good during the parade.  So thankful!  The rest of the day was easy from then on because we sat in our own driveway to watch the water game the fire department was doing.  The kids were in and out of their little pool and back and forth getting sprayed by the fire truck.

Good times here in our little town.

Sad to see our little town daze over.  But we are all super excited vacation starts tonight!

{I got a call from the doctors office late Monday.....I do indeed have strep.  I'm praying that I'll be the only one who gets it especially heading into vacation.}

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Crazy Daze of our Weekend

Our town had their annual celebration this last weekend.  We had our 8th annual party on Friday night for the big fireworks.  We live in one of the most perfect spots for all the activities.  Either the events are right from our driveway, a short walk to the park or a few blocks up the hill, certainly one of the perk of living where we do!
I was feeling a little under the weather on Friday during my cleaning but brushed it off with a couple of Aleve.
The kids were so excited for the party.  The continual asked, "When are the party people coming.  Who is coming to the party again?  Why aren't they here yet"  It went on and on until our first guests arrived.
The fireworks were really really good.  Adam and I were both surprised how good they were and how long they were for our small town.  It was during the fireworks that I started to realize that Aleve wasn't going to kick my under the weather.  I was really feeling sick.  Everybody left and I immediately went to bed, shivering.
Saturday morning the kids all ran the Kiddie 1/2 Mile Race.  The plan was the Adam was going to run with the girls even though when I entered them I promised I would.  I just didn't think I could.
Until I saw these little faces going by me on the start line. 

Sophie behind Libby (79)

There was no way I could leave Adam hanging and there was no way Sophie was going to pull out of this without me.  She really likes me.  Karley does too, but Karley can be lead out of a crying spiral by Dad or Mom, Sophie....mostly just Mom. 
We each took a girl and Henry ran all by himself (second year in a row, big kid!).
The first 100 meters Sophie cried she was too scared, didn't know where she was going and then she was fine.  I had to remember to tell her that we could walk a little.  She had a lot of encouragement and soon came to love it.  I reminded her of all her practice running she's been doing and how this was the big run. 
Sophie was a little scared to turn around, not sure why but by the end she was absolutely loving every bit of it.  And just before we rounded the corner for the last 100 m she told me I didn't need to hold her hand any more.  Oh, we were dead last and it was so fun.  The kids had a blast.


Adam was super and took the kids to the lawn mower pull (yes, lawn mower pull).  I went to the doctor for a strep test.  The rapid test turned out negative and I kind of felt stupid for having gone.  The rest of my day was spent in bed.
Sunday's activities to come.
I so love these "daze" in our town.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Master Bedroom Room Make-Over

Our kids went to stay with Gram and Grandpa over the fourth of July for FIVE days!  The week to weekend went a little different than I thought.  I thought I was going to get the basement cleaned, our desk cleaned and the house, top to bottom. 

Instead, we eradicated this {color} mess, not the boy.  He's not a mess. 

Duvet matched the curtains.

The walls were supposed to be a brown/gold color but really, it was just yellow. 
We lived with that for way too many years. 

We lived with the yellow walls because really, what difference did it make with inherited green carpet?

I didn't even bother with before pictures.
We had hoped to finish our room and the other bedrooms before Spring but after I broke my leg everything was pushed back.  We aren't quite finished with the rooms.  New windows and doors are coming any day and then we'll finish the trim and window treatments.   Unfortunately, this will be a few months off since this side of the house will have siding last.  In all honesty, that's just fine because the road side of the house needs to be finished first!  I should show you that as it looks now!
The crucifix still needs to be hung and I can't find our wedding picture but here's the almost final look. 

The night stands were my Grandpa's.  They are too short but they look better than what we had before. 
I think I might have to do something more white for a lampshade.

I really wanted to paint the dressers white but Adam said no way. 
His Mom re-finished these and actually I do like them the color they are in the room.

New door and trim coming soon. 
We also switched out all the off white switch plates, huge difference.

That's one of the re-models, I'll post the other bedrooms soon. 
That was our fourth of July week and putting it all back together earlier this week. 
I am blessed to have such a hard working husband.  We did all this instead of party it up on the 4th of July.
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